The ACT OF 1871 proves this as it is the Second Re-written Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Incorporated.

It was Legally FORKED.. In other words, the organic ratified 1789 Republic Constitution FOR the United States of America UNION of Separate Nations or states was re-written and added to as the 13th, 14th up to the current Amendment…

The organic Republic Constitution only has 13 amendments and the 13th lawfully Ratified Amendment of 1810, is the “NO Titles of Nobility” Amendment barring foreign United Kingdom (England) Attorney Esquires with foreign titles of Nobility from holding any public office of the People’s Trust in the Republic American Union of separate states..

With this FORK, a private foreign Corporation took over and rules you today.. If you can prove me wrong, please comment on this video and tell me your version..

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Author: David of the Family God

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