Promissory Note Enforcement

People have asked me, “I know the Promissory Note has to be enforced by the Court, but How?”

Promissory Note Enforcement
First of all, the Promissory Note must be processed correctly as our CAP Security Instruments are processed in order for the bank or servicer to accept the LPN as payment of mortgages and debts of over $10,000.
There is a little known, but simple 2 step process to get the court to enforce your LPN if it is processed correctly and accepted the right way as all of our LPNs have been.
I am a Licensed Financial Documents processor of the LPN at where all the banks, Clerks of Courts, and Government have accepted our LPNs to pay off mortgages and other types of financial debt. Our LPN cannot be used to purchase anything but to pay off debts.

The simple 2 step documents to enforce your processed LPNs through the court is in our easy to read and understand step by step instructions that are given to our clients. Our clients retain us to process their LPN in the right way to pay off their mortgages and debts, one at a time.

The banking law is under the true Law, Title 62, Banks & Banking Congressional Legislative Positive Law and also under the color of law in the Uniform Commercial Code of Contract Laws, U.C.C., Title 12 U.S.C.. We have the only solution to your debt problems at, because this is not a Do-It-Yourself process.

Visit us today and download the informational and educational LPN e-booklet for only $19.95 and hire us to process your LPN in order to pay off your mortgage and debts & receive the CAP Security Instrument Enforcement Solution to force the banks and Attorney Judges to follow the banking laws that they wrote and become debt free with financial freedom.

Author: David of the Family God

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