LPN Promissory Note Security Under U.C.C. Banking Law IS Legal Tender And Money.

PAY OFF Your Mortgage DEBTS, PROMISSORY NOTE and MORTGAGE, Residential and Commercial/Business loans With Legally Licensed Processing In 14 Days Using The Little Promissory Note Security, LPN, form of legal tender, and U.S. Currency (Money) by Banking Law!

“The Little Promissory Note That Banks have accepted to pay off Your Debts, Stop Mortgage Foreclosure To Get Your Home FREE AND CLEAR & Pay Off AND DISCHARGE ALL Your Debts over $10,000.00 up to $10 Million Dollars with 14 Days processing time using the Little Promissory Note, LPN Security form of bank Money under Banking and UNITED STATES Laws”!

Debt Payoff/Debt Discharged in ALL STATES using the LPN Security form of Bank Money!

In Commercial Law under the UNITED STATES FEDERAL, FDIC BANKING Laws, and U.C.C. Contract Laws, everything you sign is a Promissory Note and a binding contract promising to do something in the future. Banks negotiate promissory notes as bank money and Bank assets every day in their normal course of banking business according to their own banking laws under Title 12 U.S.C. Section 24 Seventh!!!

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Imagine getting your debts paid off/discharged, including Student loans, Back Child Support debt, and both Residential and Commercial Business Mortgages to get your home or business free and clear with a zero ($0.00) balance on your credit reports with the Little Promissory Note LPN Security Money that you can use to pay back the debt once it is processed when the banks do not follow the Terms and Conditions of the LPN Security! AND they never do.

This SPECIAL Domestic Promissory Note Security has done just that. Paid Off and Discharged Mortgage Debts..

Our LPN Security is money under law, just like any other Federal Reserve Bank promissory note that they negotiate daily, including the Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollar!

When the bank accepts this SPECIAL Legally Processed Promissory Note Security with promised consecutive monthly payments or payoff and do not come to your home to collect, that means one of three things:

1. There was no mortgage loan of money in the first place. FRAUD!

2. They are not interested in collecting any further payments
on your note and mortgage any longer, because they have been paid.

3. They used your NOTE as a financial negotiable instrument,
monetized or securitized your promissory note, LPN Security through
your funding of your own loan with your own forced take it or leave it
autograph or signature on it, and traded your little
promissory note Security to another bank, investors, or bundled it
up with hundreds of others, monetized and securitized them as
they do with mortgage notes and mortgage, credit card, and automobile
contracts that your signed, and sold them to the above or traded
them on the NEW YORK Stock exchange, and received the full amount owed
on your home; thus, terminating your obligation to make any more payments.

Usually number 3 choice above is what the bank does because the bank is greedy and want their money upfront, especially if you are in foreclosure.

The Little Promissory Note, LPN Security, the form of bank Money $19.95 e-booklet below explains how you can use the LPN to pay off your debts today or be a debt slave to the banks forever. The Little Promissory Note instructions will give you information about the LPN Processing in only 14 days. The E-booklet also tells you HOW TO MAKE MONEY BY HELPING YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS pay off their debts using the Little Promissory Note, LPN Security Legally Licensed Processed form of Bank Money.

    Another form of money, the CryptoCurrency Internet coin tokens that you can use at over 120,000 merchants worldwide: including Walmat=rt, Toyota, and other outlets is located at https://www.TRNcoins.com, the Secured TRNcoin cryptocurrency website.


The bank cannot send your little promissory note LPN Security form of Bank Money back to you after the Bank’s Acceptance and Agreement of Debt Discharge that the LPN Security form of Bank Money paid by the Bank’s own Laws. Under U.C.C. Banking Law, they have accepted your terms and conditions of your written promissory note for the full payment of your presumed debt under U.C.C. Policy Color of Law; Hague Treaty, Geneva Treaty, and United Nations Treaty dealing with trusts and promissory notes, and other State and Federal promissory note security laws, but may not be enforceable, if the bank did not accept the new LPN Security form of Bank Money and Lien release contract in writing. In our written instructions, we give you information for bank acceptance in writing. Sometimes you may have to take them to court to enforce the Little Promissory Note, LPN, Government Money if you mailed it in.

No, we are not a SOVEREIGN MOVEMENT against any Government Corporation. As a living flesh and blood man, I am already a sovereign over my kingdom of ONE, myself and you are too.. We give you, our clients, special written instructions on HOW TO force the bank to ACCEPT your LPN Security form of Bank Money as payment for your debt when you become our client.

As far as we know, our successful clients have a 100% ACCEPTANCE in writing success rate that personally followed our written 8 step instructions and had the manager Receive and ACCEPT the Domestic Little Promissory Note, LPN Security form of Bank Money by following our written instructions. When the bank FAILS to pick up the Payoff on the 7th day of the following month after acceptance, your obligation to pay under the LPN Terms & Conditions, is terminated and you are debt free. This is why the little promissory LPN Security form of Bank Money has been so successful in paying off alleged debts!!! The proof is in the LPN E-booklet. Even if the LPN Security is rejected,
We have a way for you to still use the LPN Security to pay off your debts, but you may need to litigate. AND we have sample litigation claim in the written instructions. AGAIN WE are NOT Attorneys and do NOT Practice the BAR Association Legal Law!!

Such a trade, sell, non-return, or assignment terminates your obligation to pay the bank and your alleged mortgage lien and note loan or any other debt using our pre-processed little promissory note LPN Security form of Bank Money by a legally Licensed Security Instrument Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money Documents Processor after you have been paid in full under U.C.C. Contract and Banking Law, because under the TERMS and CONDITIONS written in the Little Promissory Note, LPN Security form of Bank Money says so.

If you have a court case pending, all you need to do is enter the LPN Security form of Bank Money accepted copy into your foreclosure case with a NOTICE TO ENFORCE the new contract and the Judge should have no alternative except to rule in your favor if you present your case correctly and our written instructions help you win with the right questions to ask any Attorney Judge in any Business BAR Court, because the bank has accepted your new contract and payoff, that voids and nullifies the original bank processed mortgage promissory note and mortgage lien contract or any other financial or bank debt.

All this can be done, pre-processed, and put in the mail to you, in as little as 7 days so you receive your payoff package within 14 days after you submit payment and forms. Both the Private banker and the LPN Security form of Bank Money Agreements with items needed for us to process your little promissory note LPN Security form of Bank Money to pay off your mortgage and note and be free of that mortgage debt or to pay off any other financial debt over $10,000.00 for each LPN Security processed!

We are a STATE LEGALLY Licensed Financial Security Instrument Documents Processing Company and we are NOT an Attorney, Accountant, nor Government Agent. We are also a proud member and business associate of the Private Bankers National Association, PBNA, at www.PBNBA.com, a legal unincorporated, but registered common law bank, that is considered by legal Federal definitions, a “National Banking Association” under U.C.C. Congressional Legislative Positive Banking Law, Title 62; Negotiable Instruments Act; among other various Laws that is authorized to process your LPN Security form of Bank Money security instruments such as the LPN that is to be treated as legal tender and U.S. currency under law. We are only, Private Bankers Bank, N.A.’s, www.PBNBA.com, processing company with a lifetime membership.

    The LPN Security form of Bank Money process is not a DO-IT-YOURSELF Process.

Our Little Promissory Note, LPN Security form of Bank Money informational and educational e-booklet below and our processing secrets are electronically patented AND copyrighted to detour criminal people from coping and using our property as their own creation to commit Grand Theft that is a criminal act that is punishable by law of our intellectual, private, and created property without our written permission.

    We never give our permission in any form – orally or written for some one’s use of our LPN Security form of Bank Money Material or forms or facsimiles!

If anyone does copy any part of our IPN, NSI, or LPN material, they may face civil charges and a huge fee for each Grand Theft Unauthorized use.

When you order the LPN Security form of Bank Money e-booklet: IN YOUR PURCHASE RECEIPT IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK so you can instantly download both the E-booklet PDF, Agreement, and the ITEMS NEEDED for us to process your LPN Security form of Bank Money. So be sure you read your emailed receipt after you order.

NOTE: When you purchase the debt payoff e-booklet below, there are NO REFUNDS, because you have 24 hours a day access due to the fact that the download link, for direct download is in your receipt. The description of the information and contents are below the order box. Please read the description before ordering so that there will be no misunderstandings on your part.

“This SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will show you the laws that makes the SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note a security instrument and a Legal Tender Payment for all types of bank financial debts, mortgage, and note full payment, even if in foreclosure; copies of the bank approved LPN Security; payoff proof; the items needed to pay off your mortgage, note, and other debts over $10,000.00 EACH; The processing payment for both Residential and Commercial Debts up to $10,000,000.00, Ten Million Dollars Each. How to make $2,000.00 from each person you help in your own independent contractor business; and the additional processing cost of the SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money as a mortgage Payoff/Discharge for your situation! Whether or not you decide to use this SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money E-booklet to start getting yourself DEBT FREE is your choice .”

Do you know what a Little Promissory Note Security is?

This is also a promissory note LPN Security form of Bank Money just like the Federal Reserve Bank Promissory Note Dollars commercial paper backed by nothing but the good faith and credit of the United States Inc. District of Columbia Corporation as your spirit, energy, and labor.

Our promissory note Security is money.
Our Promissory note Security is a NEGOTIABLE SECURITY and money just like you perceive dollars to be.
Our promissory note Security is a commercial contract.
Our Promissory Note Security is a Bilateral Contract under Black’s Law Dictionary and the U.C.C. banking laws.
The UNITED STATES INC., promissory note is commercial paper in the form of the Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollar.
The Federal Reserve Promissory Note Dollar is a worthless piece of paper according to an I.R.S. Publication.
All promissory notes Securities are governed by the U.C.C. contract banking laws.
A promissory note Security is a debt instrument.
A promissory note Security is credit.
Our promissory note LPN Security form of Bank Money is a Negotiable Security Instrument under the S.E.C. Security Exchange Commission Rules; U.C.C. Laws; Federal Reserve Act (1913); United Nations, World International Common Law, and TREATY LAWS.
Our promissory notes can be redeemable for lawful money at the discount window of the Treasury Department or any Federal Reserve Bank via Title 12 U.S.C. §411 and the Federal Reserve Act §16 (1913).
Our promissory note Security is equal to money and is a Discharge of any alleged bank loan or financial debt, since there has been NO LAWFUL MONEY to PAY your debts since 1933.
All banks have accepted our LPN Security form of Bank Money.

Are you familiar with the non-Constitutional Federal Reserve Act passed, but not legally ratified, in December, 1913, to establish a private corporation central bank to print and counterfeit money against the 1787 Constitution, Articles I, Viii, and X, or the debt law passed in 1933 by President Roosevelt to put the United States into Bankruptcy and you, as a debt slave, to pay all debts of the United States Corporation posing and acting like the 1789 Constitutional Government? Have you read that the United States of America COUNTRY is in Name ONLY since that time?

“…it is an established fact the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat §1, Public Law 89-719, declared by president Roosevelt with the UNITED STATES being bankrupt and insolvent under Public Law and Public Policy 73-10, Chapter 48, 48 Stat §411, 73rd Congress in session, June 5, 1933, and a Joint Resolution to suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the organic separate state nations under the united States of America (1787), and the official capacities of all the United States Government Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government, INC. in the District of Columbia, exists today in name only.” and also under the Federal Reserve Act (1913) §16, and United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1933, Vol. 33, No U.S. Treasury since 1921: 41 Stat Ch. 214, Page 654, now called the International Monetary Fund, IMF, (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4, Page 113, 22 U.S.C. §285-§288) The IMF is a subsidiary of the World Bank.

Don’t believe it? Look up the 2nd Corporation Constitution, The Act of 1871, and read how the United States, became the corporation y or a separate District of Columbia STATE MUNICIPALITY that poses as the Continental United States of America, and is located and has only jurisdiction in the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. MUNICIPALITY STATE, became a Private Corporation and a STATE OF known as the United States, not the Government under the Organic Colonial Republic Constitution (1787) and NOT one of the several states of the union FOR The United States Of America consisting of the colonial 50 several Republic state Nations as you perceive it to be. After 1871, the private government corporation known as the UNITED STATES, Inc. became a Democratic form of Government ONLY in the 10 square Mile area known as Washington D.C. in the District of Columbia as we know it today under a CORPORATION with a British Dun & Bradstreet business company Number. The organic, one of the several 50 Republic states is separate from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION in NAME ONLY!

In 1861 the organic united States of America, the Republic Nation and Country, ceased to exist with the first of President Lincoln’s Executive Orders, the first of its kind unlawfully reconvening Congress when it was never lawfully closed and the UNITED STATES has been under Martial Military Law, Maritime, and Admiralty war Power ever since that year in 1861!!!!!.

What if I told you that there is a $19.95 LPN Security form of Bank Money e-booklet that will empower you with the knowledge and education of a little promissory note LPN Security form of Bank Money to pay off or discharge, and cancel your mortgage or any bank or financial debt with a pre-processing of only 14 days..

If you’re just even a little curious as to how a little promissory note LPN Security form of Bank Money (under federal banking laws, a bona fide security, a financial instrument, a negotiable security instrument, a cheque, a bank check, a note, an international promissory note, a bill, a draft, a dollar, a bond, and some other peculiar names too, like a sight draft, an account payable, an asset, a Mortgage Promissory Note, a loan Promissory Note Contract, a mortgage lien contract, and a FEDERAL RESERVE International Promissory Note Dollar.) may legally and definitely pay off, (Discharge) your alleged BOGUS loan, cancel your mortgage, stop foreclosure, and could get you your home free and clear and any debt erased. The Little Promissory Note, LPN, Government Money is legal money, legal tender, and United states currency too! It is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Process as David Allen Young is the only LEGALLY LICENSED LPN Financial Documents Processor in the Republic United States of America.

Promissory Note and Security form of bank money that pays debts..

If the bank has already foreclosed, you have a redemption period by law that gives you time to pay off your debt using our pre-processed LPN Security form of Bank Money.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him pull the house out from under the water.”

If you do not take this advice, you may be foreclosed and your home stolen by the banks if you are a homeowner, you may never get debt free! AND your good credit rating dies.

It is your choice of valuable mortgage and foreclosure information you have been looking for and only $19.95 for information to stop foreclosure or pay off your mortgage lien contract and mortgage note to avoid foreclosure.

Order your Little Promissory Note, LPN Security form of Bank Money informational E-Booklet processing today before it is too late.

PAY OFF Your MORTGAGE with a processing time of only 14 Days or less Using the Little Promissory Note, LPN Security form of Bank Money! Helping home owners remove their foreclosure or pay off their debts with the Little Promissory Note, LPN Security form of Bank Money. Cancel and Discharge Your Mortgage with The Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money today.

      When you order the LPN e-booklet,

so you can Instantly download both the E-booklet PDF and the ITEMS NEEDED for us to process. So be sure you read your emailed receipt after you order for the download link.

NOTE: When you purchase the debt payoff e-booklet below, there are NO REFUNDS

, because you have 24 hours a day access due to the fact that the download link, direct download is in your receipt. The description of the information and contents are below the order box. Please read the description before ordering.

Quantity Description Price
Little promissory note $19.95

“This SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will show you the laws that makes the SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note a security instrument and a Legal Tender Payment for all types of bank financial debts, mortgage, and note full payment, even if in foreclosure; copies of the bank approved LPN Security; payoff proof; the items needed to pay off your mortgage, note, and other debts over $10,000.00 EACH; The processing payment for both Residential and Commercial Debts up to $10,000,000.00, Ten Million Dollars Each. How to make $2,000.00 from each person you help in your own independent contractor business; and the additional processing cost of the SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money as a mortgage Payoff/Discharge for your situation! Whether or not you decide to use this SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money E-booklet to start getting yourself DEBT FREE is your choice. .”

    The LPN Security form of Bank Money has been accepted by banks in every STATE of the U.S.A., Canada, and the UK to pay off/discharge both Residential and Commercial/Business debts and loans up to $10,000,000.00 MILLION for EACH LPN Security form of Bank Money processed. No limit on processing the LPN Security form of Bank Money to match the number of debts you have.

Whether or not you decide to use this SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note LPN Security form of Bank Money E-booklet for the information and education and our Legally Processed LPN Security form of Bank Money to start getting yourself DEBT FREE and rebuilding your credit scores and credit rating is your choice. Our LPN Security form of Bank Money Process is NOT a Do-It-Yourself process! AND Additional Debt Payoff/Discharge Processing Fees do apply.”

“Thank all of you for reading this LPN Security form of Bank Money website and watching my YOUTUBE Videos. Please subscribe to my David Young YOUTUBE Channel for very important information and most of the time, cited laws, in lots of my videos. Educate yourself and you can be financially FREE!

I am in the Philippines again and will be back sometime around August 2018, waiting till my wife receives her Immigrant Visa to enter the USA from the Corporate Government’s Homeland Security, Standing Army Security Forces that our forefathers warned us about… I

    WILL BE able to process and mail the LPN Security and the Private Banker Certificate and Authorization from the Philippines thru DHL or FedEx

3 to 5 day delivery courier service to you in the USA after processing.

ALSO you can call me through a local AUSTIN, Texas phone number 512-271-1030 in your night time in the USA as the time difference from CENTRAL TIME is 13 hours into your future. BUT be aware, I sometimes cannot answer this number so it is best you email me. When it is NOON Central Time in the USA, it is ONE AM in the Philippines. Now you may have access to a direct phone line to get your questions answered and an Email at ASecretToMoney@gmail.com. Preferably the email as I am not accustomed to the Magic Jack phone yet if you have any oral questions; Otherwise, Please just email me. Remember I am in your FUTURE!!!!!

206 Replies to “LPN Promissory Note Security Under U.C.C. Banking Law IS Legal Tender And Money.”

      1. Hello David Young! I have watched your videos and I am curious. I can see that purchasing the e booklet is the first step. However, I do not have time to waste so let me get straight to the point. What is the price on clearing up a mortgage balance of $257,073? Similarly, in your response could you reply with an exact number.

        1. No I cannot reply with the exact number but I can say if you use my processing you will be savbing about 250,000.00 that you would have to pay if you did not use our processing of the LPN Security.

        2. There is no RIGHT TO THE POINT! Either you purchase the $19.95 LPN Security e-booklet or we can not do the Process service for you. The point of the website and E-booklet is so you can read them and then if you are a dummy or idiot, then you can call me and ask me intelligent questions. My time is too Valuable to answer needles questions that are answered in the e-booklet or on the website at http://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info. and this information would be the same as if the President of the United States Corporation called me to answer His questions without first reading the website

          1. My car loan only has $9500 left owing on it. Is it possible to use your Promissary Note to pay off what remains on the loan?

          2. I don’t have a reason to use your services yet. But I will! You don’t take any BS! Only honest men behave that way!

        1. Please reply to the above question : Will this promissory note work for legal aliens or just for US citizens with a birth certificate ? And Naturalized Citizens also ?

      2. You are so very right! I researched the Promissory Notes from 1 March 2001 after my home was foreclosed and introduced the International Promissory Note on 1 March 2012 on the Internet. Since then every one and their brother have copied me illegally. Some have actually put my Promissory notes information as their own word for word and This is stealing from me, Grand Theft if you will. Most people think that Michael Tellinger came out with the promissory note first. I worked very hard to create my bank accepted Promissory Note Securities in my business to help people pay off debts and SAVE MONEY from 2001. Well, let me tell it to you straight. He did not. His do-it-yourself promissory note is a simplified version of my copyrighted and electronically patented Promissory Note Material and process!!!! Mine came out in 2012, and Michael’s came out well after mine where he and others jumped on my bank wagon. AND some people say that I stole it from him!!!!!!!!! without knowing the true facts. It seems that everyone wants a piece of my pie in one form or another. AND people ask why do I charge for mine. It is because I want to help people SAVE MONEY that the banks robbed from them and I need to make a living. Everyone charges for everything in one way or another. Michael does not charge, but gets his name and videos out on YOUTUBE. This is just another way to earn a living by him by being famous. His promissory note does not work here in the USA. MINE DOES. Every business charges for their services, processing, or items to help people. SO DO I!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I know Michael tellinger. Him and I are pretty good friends. He did in fact hop on the bank wagon afterwards.

        2. Hi David how are you doing today. David my name is Randy Douglas and me and my wife and 3 girls are facing forclosure and will be forced to live in the streets. David I read your promisary notes testimony and how you’ve had success with your system. David I am the only one working in our house because my wife is sickly will immune system difficulties. David I wanted to ask you if you can help us keep our home in any way possible. David I would like to speak with you about your success and how your great talent can help us. David. My email address is. Douglasabr@aol.com. Thank you. David we hope to hear from you soon. Have a Blessed Day.

        3. Just curious…if you can do this all day, for your own debts, then why do you have to “make a living”? Couldn’t you just buy everything on credit cards until you rack up $10K and LPN the debt each time?….just saying….

        4. So did you get your Ebook ?
          I was about to Order it !!
          David , If I order the book now would i receive a link with the receipt or no ?

      1. That’s a interesting question. I was wondering the same thing even though it did state that your debt needed to be 10k or better.

      1. Mr. David Young,
        I’m a two time combat zone veteran and I have struggled since 2004 with integrating back into society. I understand in business for profit and I will be purchasing the $20 eBook shortly. My concern is that as I sit here struggling with my mortgage that’s in forclosure, tax issues, and baggage from deployments it vey difficult to make from one day to the next financially. That being sad, I would like the opportunity to speak with via phone or Skype for advice on how to be able to afford your service.

        please provide me with you email in response to this communication so I can spare my family some embarrassment by putting our contact information in a public area to be identified.


  1. Hi David, we talked today about the e-mail book. I did purchase it about 1 and one halt years ago. My computer crashed and I can’t find it. Can you look it up for me or do I need to order it again? Please let me know. Thank you

    1. The download link, user name and password is in your receipt about half way from the top.

      You must read your receipt as STATED ON the Website.

      Please READ!

    2. In your email purchase receipt is your download link, user name and password.

      PLEASE READ YOUR PURCHASE RECEIPT as the website says.

      1. LPN IS Debts only ? Get into a house ? Um what ! Now im very confused.

        Ive been following this UCC1 stuff for a few months but never this….

        1. Simply put, when you sign a mortgage (to get into a house), you are creating a promissory note with the bank, and you are assuming “debt”. The LPN pays that debt.

  2. If your read the website before ordering, there, in big letters, is the statement:

    “When you order the LPN e-booklet, IN YOUR PURCHASE RECEIPT IS THE
    so you can Instantly download both the E-booklet PDF
    and the Word Document ITEMS NEEDED for us to process.

    So be sure you read your emailed receipt after you order.’

  3. This is because YOU did not read the website site when or before you ordered.

    It states Plainly above the purchase box in big bold letters and words
    that the download link, User Name and Password is in your purchase receipt.

    You have 24/7/365 a year to access it.

  4. Did u get the email receipt for purchase? The download info should be there or as an attachment. If not just call his phone# leave message for him to look up your purchase. He can send the ebook directly to the email he has on file. This happened to me.

  5. David, bob:carr here in Pennsylvania. i acknowledge that you do not give legal advice.

    In foreclosure, or rather past forclosure. Ejectment procedings are ongoing. i have heard that judgment liens have been ‘closed’ with promissory notes(?) are you aware of that as well?

    Where is the link to donate to access LPN e-booklet or are the LPN’s processes by you or a template in the e-book?

    i trying to stop our loss of our home. As you can imagine my wife is quite upset….. Sorry, that’s my problem.

    Thank you,

  6. Hi David, I’m just curious, should I have the right to write my very own promissory note, can it be in form of letter? Does it need to be on commercial print? Would that be the only way for it to be recognized as legal tender? Couldn’t a person just notorize a letter?

    1. You write a Promissory Note every time you sign your signature,
      but they would not be recognized as legal by the banks or the court.
      Our LPNs at http://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info are processed on Bank Approved Security
      Commercial paper that all banks have recognized and Accepted.
      I am the ONLY Licensed Financial Documents Processor in the United States as far as I know.
      A notarized letter is not a financial security promissory note instrument.

      1. Could someone please explain what that means. And what is the overall cost of claiming a deed on a $300,000 home ? I thought the booklet was $20 and there maybe a small fee.

        1. There is a small processing fee compared to the $300,000.00 debt you owe. You will need the LPN Ebooklet for the correct processing fee.

  7. Hi David. I was wondering if the LPN could be used to pay debts under $10,000. Can it be used to pay off rent, utilities, and accounts in collections? Also what about student loans or to pay for getting a home? What about for depositing into banks? Sorry for all the questions.

  8. David I’ve heard stories about people going to jail for doing this process, what makes your system jail proof! It’s just so many scams out there, I don’t want to be a victim.! IN doing my research, the statue and codes appear to be on point elaborate please!

  9. I know that you are out of town, “Enjoy” your e-book LPN package should be on auto pilot? I have to face the court on foreclosure on 01/24/17 waiting on your return might be to late for me? Please advise, and Happy Holidays.

    1. My free giveaway of my LPN E-booklet is on YOUTUBE.

      It sounds like just a hearing for foreclosure. If so you should have plenty of time.

    1. $19.95 is for the informational eBook only as stated above. The processing fee is an additional charge. This information is in the LPN e-Booklet.

  10. Hello, I watched your YouTube video and it stated that you can payoff child support arrears. I was wanting to know if a person had more than one child support arrears, is it possible to pay off all and the time frame that it takes to payoff the child support?

  11. Hi! I am in Ch13, the house was not included in the program. However, I got behind on the note when my fiancé passed away. I received a court order of notice to foreclose, so my bankruptcy attorney added the missed payments to the CH13 agreement plus I’m paying the regular note. Can your system still help me in this type of situation?

  12. Hello mr. David how you doing. I would like to know the total cost that it will cost me to pay off a $17,000 car loan. I know the book cost $20 so could you email me back with the total cost that it will cost me thank you

    1. The cost is in the $19.95 e-booklet. This is why I wrote the LPN Security e-booklet in the first palce as to not wast this busy man’s time. If you have questions AFTER you have read this e-booklet, I will be glad to answer them at that time.

  13. I seen the question about the utilities and monthly bills that come in, do we send in a LPN every month, and if we do, should it be sent to the collection company of the Bank that, they make there deposits to? If I become a Licensed PBNAB can I write a LPN against I.R.S debts as well?

  14. Reg the redemption period.

    1- How long after been foreclosed can I do this process? I have a property I lost in bankruptcy and another in foreclosed, no bankruptcy.

    2- Will I get the property back ?

    3- or they accept the promissory note and pay me back at closing with title company , cut me a check? Please explain. Thank you

  15. Hi David, I am resident in the UK, I believe U.S. law is based on English law but do you know of any differences I/you would need to be aware of in order for your LPN to help me?

    Many thanks


  16. why not use the LPN to send to you to discharge your debt charge and to discharge your fee charge? since no one has any lawful money to pay, however, will the LPN become useless when the currency is backed by gold?

    1. Yes you can ask. This is because I am the only man that has figured it out with my many years of research. I will not tell anyone how I became the only one, due to it being a Trade Secret.

  17. Sir, what good is the 19.99 and processing fee you charge if you are able to live essentially debt free forever?

    Is it not feasably possible to duplicate the purchase of a home, LPN off your mortgage debt, and sell home for federal reserve notes and repeat and not need the fee charged? Or is that a one time deal?

  18. What is the disadvantage of the promissory note? I’ve only heard of its advantages..
    Everything with a good side has its bad side, I want to know it’s bad side.

  19. Hello David,
    I’ve just come across all of this information the past few days and i’m very curious, but don’t quite understand all of it yet. I have a question…if I pay a fee to have you help me pay off my mortgage, why would I need to purchase the E-booklet? Just asking and I look forward to your response.

  20. Hello and good day, 1st off id like to thank you David for all your hard work, and dedication in helping us fellow true hard working hillbillies like myself:).
    Im currently in contract with wellsfargo with a mortgage loan. After the due diligence/closing can i lay down a LPN? Also is there any complications with it being a VA loan..? Ill be buying your package shortly after closing. Looking forward to a brighter future.

  21. Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It is the little changes that make the most important changes. Many thanks for sharing! cdebdgdeddeegbec

  22. Will this process pay off Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit, even if they are not in foreclosure or past due? The same question for auto loans.

  23. Hi David or whomever it concerns:

    I have a little issue I was hoping someone there could fix for me?? I don’t know how you keep your records (this isn’t a rant by the way) but I’ve already made a purchase of this booklet or whatever it is back on 2/6 of this year I paid the $19.95 but there wasn’t anything in my mail or email in regards to this transaction. I hope someone can resolve this or give me some type of refund?

  24. Dear David,
    Thank you for your efforts. I recently bought a 2017 Chevy Spark compact commuter car. Would you be able to help me with this loan since I’m working crazy hours? The loan is approx $13,500.00


    Curtis Cains

  25. Hello David and/or Admin, as i read through the comments i see there is a fee involved. Is this fee paid out of my pocket or can you include it in your services executing payment via LPN Said another way can you pay your fees yourself by including it in my debt payment? thanks in advance Eric

  26. Wow there are a lot of people that do not read or listen to direction. Every persons question can be answered by the purchase of the E-book.

  27. please call me @805-461-3461 or call 805-835-9065 my names ysauro gonzales i have money to pay you to do this for me im ready to be your client

  28. just purchased the e booklet for $ 39.95 invoice 3267 approval code 034340 but never received anything to my email to download and also text the number on the for and no response. please advise when i can receive the information.

  29. Hello David,

    I love your YouTube videos and very excited to sign up.. I’m going to order the e-book so I can learn from you.. I can see that this would also be a great business opportunity for myself to help others like you do.. After I read the info I will call you.. I need to act fast as a car I have is going to be repossessed soon.



  30. Good day David,
    I look forward to doing business with you. I’ve vetted your background via a Private Investigator, and there’s been not one case pending or prexisting eluding to fraud.

    I’ve also checked the Okaloosa County Public Records to validate the Satisfaction of Mortgage examples illustrated in your eBook.

    You’ve checked out in every way, plus every professional I’ve sought validation from concerning your service has greenlighted you, Lawyers, Accountants, Underwriters and more.

    Your business acumen and intellect is a true marvel.


  31. Hello. I, Gus would like to ask you if it is permissible if my Dad and I, since we’ll be chipping in on the $19.95 purchase price, if it you wouldn’t mind we share the e-book before purchasing? I await your response. Thanks.

  32. I haven’t ordered yet, Before I do, Will this work on a property that has a Land contract attached to it? I am not buyer, I am seller. Home is still in my name. I also live in a different state then property location. Soon buyer will not be able to make payment, I don’t want them to lose the home. If you could email me, I can give you full details and you can determine if this will work for me or not. Literally payment went from 837 a month to 2,037 a month. Shortage in escrow because of a special property tax assessment. I’m currently not the tax payer but home loan is in my name.

  33. Does this work if I am not in foreclosure, or do I need to stop making payments first before the bank will accept my promissory note?

  34. I have a mortgage note which is NOT from a bank or lending institution. Rather, It is with a company that makes cabinets. I don’t mind buying the book, but would first like to find out if it works for other types of mortgage holder. Sounds like it would not work with the company which issued me a mortgage note.

  35. I have a mortgage issued by a cabinet company,inc, so I am assuming this only works with banking and financial institutions, and therefore wouldn’t work for my mortgage note. I don’t mind buying the book, but wanted to check on this situation beforehand. I tried posting this question before under my other email address, but it apparently didn’t work.

  36. I have 3 Mortgages and 1 HELOC with Chase Bank. Can I do 1 LPN for all 4 and tell Chase how much to apply to each loan?

  37. David is the 19.95 for the template of the promissory note that you have posted at the beginning of your web page or does it consist of info needed to send the proper documents along with the promissory note

  38. what happens when the bank returns the Little Promissory note to you by UPS and states in there letter We are unable to accept your Promissory Note, WE DECLINE TO ACCEPT AND THEREFORE ARE RETURNING THE ENCLOSED NOTE TO YOUR ATTENTION. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THAT SITUATION?

  39. Hello David,
    Quick Question, Once I pay the 19.00 for your e-book is there major fees afterwards? for one, I don’t have a lot of money to pay that’s one reason why I need to get out of Debt to have money for other uses. I need the help. My Car note 19,000,000 along with other small debts. Can you please help me upchurchvictoria72@gmail.com

  40. I have no home. Would the Trenton, N.J. Treasury Department dispense lawful money at the discount window for your promissory note? And how do I?

  41. Greetings David, My mother has a Reverse Mortgage on her home. As you probably know with those types of mortgages, payments are not made but interest is added every month to the balance. Currently the payoff is more than the house is worth so she is upside down now. If she passes away the home won’t be passed down to myself and siblings. My mother would like to have peace of mind knowing its hers again. Can your info help with these types of mortgages ? Thanks so much….

  42. Can I earn a referral payment from you for each person I can send to you who becomes a Pbnba.com member? Are you associated with the pbnba.com website? Also., Tellinger only described Promissary Note as it pertains to South Africa rules. He said that anyone from another country would have to discover the rilelsrules.ffor themselves

  43. Hello Mr. Young,
    I feel dismayed but, no one is aware of that. I can’t seem to get this mortgage thing in order. I saw you on the tube and my question is: my mortgage is with an agency that is collecting for the mortgage company. It is a debt collecting company, will this still work for me?

  44. I have a loan via the teachers pension plan which extracts payments via my bi weekly pay check ; would it be correct in saying that documentations with respect to the loan be sent to the collecter of such funds in this case the teachers pension authority located in Trenton NJ. Thank you in advance to your response. Jay

  45. Not only do we have to pay $19.95 for the E-Booklet, but we also have to pay $1500 to become “private bankers” so this can work? Please explain….

  46. My Father got his home through the VA using the VA home loan program 2 years ago and he has just passed away last month.
    Now my Mother has been sworn in as the Executor of Estate and the are behind on their mortgage payments due to months of medical problems that my Father was experiencing before he passed away.
    Is there a way that my Mother could use your LPN to pay off the mortgage and end up with her home free and clear?

  47. Hi David,will the banks look at me unfavorably and no longer make loans to me if I use your LPN process?… Or will they still see me as a borrower in good standing and loan to me again?

    1. BINGO….You asked the ONE question I had in my head to ask after reading all the Q & A’s here. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  48. Hello David

    I just tried to use the “Our Style Money Order” to pay my mortgage balance of 15,000, and they refused to accept it as a method of payment. They said I had to send in a Cashiers Cheque otherwise they will proceed with foreclosure of our home. I even ask if they could restructure the loan and they said they could not. I could really use your help …. will your program work for a balance of 15,000 of a mortgage they are about to foreclose on ? Please let me know ASAP.

  49. I am in C13 for mortgage. Will this still pay off my mortgage or do I have to wait out the C13? I have 3 years to go and am in a predatory Wells Fargo mortgage that they refuse to modify. Thank you.

  50. Hi David,

    I am a British Citizen, living in the UK. Would your LPN work in the United Kingdom with UK Banks and Building Societies?


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