Promissory Note Banking

Title 62, 7th was and is the Negotiable Promissory Note Banking Law before the Powers That Be, 72 Bank Controlled Judges, unlawfully altered this Congressional Law and wrote the Promissory Note Banking laws as U.C.C. Title 12 USC §24, SEVENTH: Banks Negotiating Promissory Notes in the normal course of business..

Promissory Note Banking laws are also in the Federal Reserve Act and the Promissory Note Secretary’s Act, a Congressional Act, and several Treaties, including the UNITED NATIONS TREATY, which makes the LPN Promissory Note Banking Security a legal tender, U.S. Currency, money, tendered payment of debts, and a Legal form of Bank Money and NOT fraudulent as most banks may falsely claim in all foreclosure cases, because of their ignorance of the law..

LPN Promissory Note Banking Securities are the equivalent of money as per 12 U.S.C. §1813L and states this particularly in the law that Promissory Notes LPN Securities located at where the only Legally Licensed Promissory Note Banking Process is completed and these LPN Securities under United States laws are the equivalent to money..
Equivalent to money means THE SAME AS MONEY, Legal Tender, and U.S. Currency..

According to Chapter 1 of the U.C.C., everything you sign is a Promissory Note because your consented signature can be monetized and changed or converted into Bank FRN presumed money..

Title 16 USC Section 5103 states our Legally processed LPN Promissory Note Banking Security is a National Bank Currency Of the United States Code of Banking Laws.. In accordance with 31 U.S.C. §5103 and 18 U.S.C. §8, such Private Banker LPN Promissory Note Securities are National Bank Currency and can be found at

And thereby coin or currency of the United States by statutory definition and can be made by signing and issued by private citizens who are Private Bankers with authorization and registered Certificate at The Processing for both are included in one payment.’s legally license processed LPN Promissory Note Banking Securities are the equivalent of money as per 12 U.S.C. §1813L and must be accepted by all banks and financial institutions as Discharge and Set Off with full settlement of all claimed debts under United States law.

I.R.S. Code section §1.1001-14653CCH states that Federal Reserve Note Dollar Commercial Papers are valueless and worthless, but you, the people, believe the lies that the FEDERAL and STATE Government Corporations tell you.. DON’T YOU??

Author: David Young

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