COURT Based Sovereign Citizen Movement Dispelled, Part 3

The “Sovereign Citizen Movement” FICTION was created, proposed, perpetrated, and penetrated into courts by lobbing by the BANKS and the UNITED STATES Government Corporations.

In order to discredit Promissory Note debt instruments processed by other legitimate STATE Licensed companies other than Banks, Pretender Lenders, and Financial Institutions that commit Fraud in the form of a legitimate loan of actual lawful money that is never lent to anyone and their alleged and presumed loans are fraudulent substituted with fiat private Corporation, Federal Reserve Bank, Commercial Military Script Promissory Notes under Corporate Democracy Statutes Color of Law..

The Foreign BANK BAR COURTS came up with this theory to discredit security documents processors, such as DG Processing Enterprise who holds a legal State License to legally processes the LPN Security Credit Payoff Agreements with the banks’ acceptance to pay off alleged and presumed claimed debts of these fraudulent Banksters.. Please comment on this video to help others in America and humankind in general..
I am asking you to visit to utilize the legal LPN Security to pay off your Residential or Commercial Mortgage and other type debts in as little as 14 days and to go to and invest in your family’s future and capitalize on the Texas Republic Nation, TRNcoins, the CryptoCurrency of the future.. For those of you who want to buy a Home, Commercial property, or a Business with just the down payment, I strongly urge you to read AND Thanks for watching my videos..

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