A Deception in America thru Word and Language Substitution by BAR Silent Judicial Notice

Legalese is not proper language and have different, sometimes opposite meanings from the English Language or written words..

The phonics sound the same such as your legalese NAME and your Common Law God-given name, but their meanings are totally different than what you think.. Legalese is Corporate and legal DOG-LATIN initials where every letter is CAPITALIZED to form what you think is a word..

BAR Silent Judicial Notice is where a Judge changes his mistakes silently and immediately or As Soon As Possible in order for the BANK, his boss, to win the case for the Bankers whom he works for as a Debt Collector or property collector in the BAR Business Courts posing as Article III courts of Justice.. Silent Judicial Notice is always used to cover up and change the Judge’s mistakes during a hearing or trial.. This is why ordinary folks like you lose 99.9% in all foreclosure and criminal cases.. After your hearing or trial by jury, ask the clerk of court for a copy of your recorded transcript and you will find the corrections and mistakes in RED..

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