Your Government Obligation Part 4

You are a state, in small letters, national of one of the 50 several republic states of this Continental American union and one of these republican states is Texas, and are called a “Texian” if you were born in the separate republic Country of Texas, in small letters and not a citizen..

You are a Texan if you were born in the U.S. Government claimed Blanketed Corporation ALL Caps STATE OF TEXAS.. Same thing with the Texas Republic, which is another kind of “republican government state or Country”.

You are not a citizen of the Texas Republic Nation, either, unless you hold a public office for it or get a paycheck as an employee or dependent of this Republic state. In other words, you are a National of the republic state you were born in when you write and affidavit and swear allegiance to the Texas Republic Nation Independent Country and not a Corporation U.S. CITIZEN DEBT SLAVE!!

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Author: David of the Family God

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