You are a Decedent Walking Dead PERSON on Dry Land

More accurately, is the Defendant being charged in court a decedent?

The answer is YES!! Decedent definition: a deceased person. What happens when someone dies? His name becomes a DECEDENT. And what happens to his property? It becomes an ESTATE of the decedent. So when Davidallen Young, the man, dies, then there is DAVID ALLEN YOUNG, a Civilly Dead Man walking, in all Capital Letters as the NAME and his ESTATE. 

And arguably, when a man signs up with a CORPORATION for some benefits, then his status in regard to that corporation, becomes a STATUTORY PERSON, a DEAD CITIZEN. I.e. he no longer is a man with inalienable rights, liberty, justice, or any pursuit of Happiness, but instead is CIVILLY DEAD walking on Dry Land, lost at sea, since he’s subject to that corporation Municipality’s rules, regulations, and statutes under Color Of Law. I would love to hear your comments and so would others..

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