You are a Decedent Walking Dead PERSON on Dry Land, Part 7

And here’s the kicker: It is suggested that in court at an arraignment you should assert being the Executor of the DAVID ALLEN YOUNG,

All Caps NAME ESTATE and NEVER claim ownership of that Government STRAWMAN. And as I said, it would make sense, since if the All-Capital NAME is the DECEDENT dead man walking, then the court case is about ADMINISTERING the ESTATE, where you can be either a trustee with no power or the Executor with all the power if you present it properly…

Which would you rather be?? I think you should repeatedly assert at an arraignment or hearing as being the Executor and Beneficiary of the Defendants ESTATE, by saying: “Where is your written administrative authority from the EXECUTOR to administer the DAVID ALLEN YOUNG, all CAPS NAME ESTATE?” I would love to hear your comments and so would others…

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  1. Brian D King, SR

    Hi David, I’m still waiting on your response on, auto loans debt, credit debt ? that’s what I sign up for?

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