You are a Decedent Walking Dead PERSON on Dry Land, Part 6

Your Legal Fiction, Artificial, STRAWMAN, all CAPS NAME Mirror image of you the man or woman is a civilly dead Citizen Entity PERSON.

Which doesn’t exist in the real world and MUST be REPRESENTED like a bank corporation must be represented by an agent. Of course, your choice would seem to be to represent it as a TRUSTEE, or an EXECUTOR. There are steps that can be taken to correct this, but that is another subject…

Remember, in today’s courts, you CANNOT defend yourself, you HAVE TO be represented, even if you represent YOURSELF (Pro Se). Pro Se litigants are under a commercial policy and still a Civilly Dead Incompetent WARD of the COURT.. That’s ANOTHER proof that the All-Capital Lettered NAME, DAVID ALLEN YOUNG, is a commercial statutory PERSON, i.e. a trust or decedent/estate/trust/ward of the court.” I would love to hear your comments and so would others..

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