You are a Decedent Walking Dead PERSON on Dry Land, Part 2

Now, what is the all-caps NAME, DAVID ALLEN YOUNG?

We know that it is a Capital Corporate Legal Fiction mirror image of the living human man in commerce, a STRAWMAN, Civilly Deadman Walking the Country.. We know that at the very least it is a TRUST.. Why?? Because whatever that person owns is subject to regulation by the STATE OF Government pursuant to their Color of Law RULES, REGULATIONS, CODES, and STATUTES..

If it was owned by you and your PRIVATE PROPERTY, which presumes a FULL, ALLODIAL TITLE, paid in lawful gold or silver pieces with a proper receipt or Bill of Sale as proof, then the STATE OF government would have no authority or jurisdiction to regulate your private property belonging to, paid for, and owned by you.. I would love to hear your comments and so would others..

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