You are a Decedent Walking Dead PERSON on Dry Land, Final Part 11

And how do you become a statutory PERSON? BY CONTRACT – such as the SSN, Birth Certificate, STATE Driver License, or receiving a BANK Loan on Credit.

And what is a statutory PERSON? A Civilly Dead PERSON Walking and should be handled in Probate Court Only as it is an ESTATE..

Capitis Diminutio Maxima, i.e. a PERSON with a diminished status, to whom is applied a CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST or who is considered civilly dead, i.e. a decedent/ESTATE/TRUST.. So demanding to see your signed and consented to CONTRACT and Bond and/or asserting a status of an Executor and Beneficiary would seem to be ways of dealing with these Municipal Government Corporations in any court.. So, Don’t be a Dead man walking in their commercial color of law.. I would love to hear your comments and so would others..

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