The truth about civilization Part 1

In this corporate system Legal Fiction Corporate Matrix, you are not whom you think you are, because you, a lawful living man or woman, own your DNA.

But at birth, your DNA was stolen by the Corporate Government by force, coercion, duress, and without your consent from your parent’s unknowing consent and signature.. YOU never entered into any Contract with the Government, so you must claim your DNA and Rights..

Your Corporate BANKER oppressors created from every living man or woman a corporation with a mirror image of your NAME in DOG LATIN CAPITAL symbols resembling LETTER text to enslave you. That’s why your Corporate NAME on all official government and private business corporation documents is written in capital lettered symbols resembling English Text, which does NOT represent the physical you, but a Legal Fiction Corporation to be used in Commerce.. FOR without you being in commerce, the Banks, Courts, or Government can control your lives!!
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Author: David of the Family God

NOTE: We stress that we are neither lawyers, attorneys, accountants, nor government agents and do not give legal nor accounting advice. We help homeowners that have mortgage or foreclosure problems. When you are in foreclosure and going to lose your home if you do not take action or stuck with an underwater negative value home, we pull no punches helping you with mortgage Relief. E-Mail: Address: David Young of the Family God; 2868 Soles Lane, Suite 200, Crestview, Florida [[32539]] Non-Domestic WITHOUT THE UNITED STATES

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