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Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
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by John Simmons on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
The real deal CAP security instrument

I did not think it possible! I found the real deal with David's legally processed CAP security instrument that I tried and it was very successful in getting my mortgage paid in full. Bank of America accepted my CAP Security Instrument after about 30 minutes of the bank manager talking to their legal department after faxing them a copy. I explained that they had to send it to their Head of the Collections Department and after they got confirmation that the CAP security instrument was legal from their Legal Department, the manager did an inter something to their Collections department before I left with my signed received and accepted copy of the CAP security Instrument and the Mortgage debt lien security payoff discharge. I am so glad I got over my fear and contacted David at www.cancel1mortgage.info for my mortgage debt termination. I am so relieved and David is a GOD SENT man from heaven. I recommend that you go to his website and get this silver bullet to terminate all your debts. John

by Marina A on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
I was researching the truth regarding banks

Hi David,

I was researching the truth regarding banks and mortgage servicers when I landed on a youtube clip. From one site I was lead to yours at www.cancel1mortgage.info . I checked out your site then decided to do review search to see if anyone has had luck with your services. I saw only one complaint from the company in India in 2013. I read it and that got me agitated with them for trying to sway people from actually getting help. I was happy you rebuttled. Thank you for what you are doing. I ordered your $19.95 e-booklet from your cancel1mortgage website and found proof of bank acceptance for your debt pay off instruments and the verifiable proof that it actually paid off mortgages and cars. I verified your satisfaction of mortgage in Florida and found that they were indeed recorded by the servicer whom you paid using the LPN Security. Now, I'll go back and read some more. Then I think I will use your service to pay off my mortgage as I see you as an honest man.

by Larry on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
Thanks, David for helping humanity

Larry from Illinois "This is the Greatest Debt removal and pay off process that I have ever used and I now have my proof of satisfaction.” after recently using David's Mortgage Education and Commercial Lien Removal Education LPN Security package from David Young at cancel1mortgage.info, that got me a Satisfaction of my Commercial Property Security Lien Mortgage and I filed a Corrective Warranty Deed under Federal UCC law, that proves this system works in every State! I urge you to use David's LPN Security which is a credit agreement payoff of the debt that voids the original credit agreement. I am very happy with the results of not having to pay thousands of dollars each month to a bank for a fraudulent loan. Thanks, David for helping humanity.

by James from California on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
Stroke of Pure Genius

The new CAPS Security is a stroke of pure genius! David has outdone himself with this foolproof credit agreement debt payoff security. It has all the legal bells and whistles that banks accept as debt pay off in a credit agreement. I was the first to use David's improved, upgraded, and renamed CAP Security and it actually worked for bank approval and acceptance to pay off my mortgage. The way the Cap Security is written is the genius part. Under the terms and conditions, the banks cannot weasel out of this debt payoff commitment and legal credit agreement. Also, David offers a 90% Money Back Guarantee on his processing when you follow his simple client instructions. When you receive the 14 day processing CAP Security along with the Private Banker lifetime membership in the mail, you gotta read the terms and conditions to see what I mean by all the bank loopholes are filled in this ironclad negotiable instrument. You have nothing to lose when you purchase your debt be gone CAP Security processing at www.Cancel1Mortgage.info, except your life draining debt. Get the CAP security processing today, right now while it is fresh in your mind. Like mine, your debts can be paid off tomorrow as I did. Thanks, cancel1mortgage for your much need help in paying off my mortgage as I was drowning in mortgage debt with a recent loss of my job through my accident. Thank you again and I hope other people learn from this..

by J W on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
Just got my mortgage paid with LPN

Just got my mortgage paid and received my mortgage release using the LPN Security that was legally processed by David A Young at cancel1mortgage.info.. i tried everything under the sun until I stumbled across David's website and I did not believe it could be done, but almost a year later I tried it and it WORKED! I don't know why I did not purchase the legal processing earlier, maybe for fear of doing something wrong. Anyway, now I have my mortgage paid in full and it shows a zero balance on my credit reports. I am so grateful for you David. You do a great job! I will tell every one of your services.THANKS, JW

by James M on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
Foreclosure Court Win

I recently used David young’s LPN Security to pay off my mortgage that was in foreclosure. I did my 8 easy steps and the bank accepted it with no problem by following David's Instructions, but I did have to go to court…BUT… by following David’s written instructions and asking the Judge a few of David’s questions, the Judge dismissed the case in my favor since I proved to the Judge with my Registered and CERTIFIED Certificate from Private Bankers Bank, N.A., PBNBA.com that I was a Private Banker under United States law and I just received my Satisfaction of Mortgage from a well-known bank servicer. And it only took less than 30 minutes in my court hearing the 30th of May. David’s judge’s questions work in combination with me being a Certified Private Banker with David’s help and legal processing of the LPN Security and the Private Banker Certificate. Keep in mind that David is not a lawyer or bar attorney and has not practiced law. Personally, I think the excellent legal wording that David has under the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the LPN Security Credit Agreement was the clincher. Thanks, David!!!!!!!

by John on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
www.Cancel1Mortgage.info Verified As Legit

As someone who has met David Allen Young and viewed and verified his Legal STATE Credentials the Expert LPN Security Debt Payoff speaker at a seminar that I attended in late June, 2017, and has become a Creditor instead of a Corporate BANK DEBTOR using his Legally processed and lawfully common law and STATE registered Private Banker Certificate and Authorization making me a Creditor, not a Debtor anymore and paid off my mortgage note and lien contract and has received my mortgage release, I can only say that he is nothing but a HUGE asset to all DEBTORS everywhere and to the movement to educate the people of bank fraud, Bank Debt Payoff using the LPN Security, and what is REALLY happening in this country called the USA and the world.

David has made incredible sacrifices to take the message of his processed LPN Promissory Note Security Debt Paying hope to the Internet and on the road to educate people as an Expert Guess Speaker in seminars all over the United States of America and to help people gain Bank Acceptance for the LPN Security.

If you or your group have a seminar coming up, Email David and inform him that you want him to be a Guest Speaker. He will be glad to speak at your seminar no matter what your financial topic is.

Those who would criticize David are those who know nothing of him, his Legal LPN Security Processing, believing what the Government tells you, or who are spreading false rumors and misinformation about David and his financial processing company without any proof. Keep up the great work of helping people pay off or discharge their mortgage and other debts, David.

My attorney has long ago substantiated to me the validity of the content at www.Cancel1Mortgage.info of the LPN Security counter-offer, to be a valid form of bank debt pay off after accepted by the banks under the Uniform Commercial Code of Contract and Banking Laws since the UNITED STATES Bankruptcy. David has a 100% Bank Acceptance Rate of his LPN Securities.

What amazes me the most is the number of people who do not drink David Allen Young’s debt paying solution cool aid, but thinks it is a scam or fraud by listening to unknowledgeable, ignorant PERSONS or reading the Government propaganda websites without any of these offering any proof or laws to back up what they are saying or writing. I know, because I was one of these skeptics but who finally took action to get my mortgage paid off. I was surprised to learn how easy it was. I am one of the lucky ones due to the fact I did not have to go to litigation. But that is covered in his client instructions with court winning Court scenario instructions that you can use right in the courtroom if you litigate without an Attorney representing the court and the bank and not you even though you would be paying the Attorney to lose your case as that is what BAR Attorneys do. Included in his detailed instructions are case laws and judge’s questions in case you do litigate, so you can fight the banks and win your case. I guess you get the picture of winning in foreclosure courts with David’s instructions, informational material, guidance, and counseling as a NON-ATTORNEY who does NOT PRACTICE LAW.

Take for instance the STATE Legally Licensed Processed LPN Security from David Allen Young’s DG Processing Enterprise Financial Documents Company that has been very successful to his clients in paying off Mortgages up to ten million dollars each. And David has provided proof of this in his LPN Security E-booklet at his cancel1mortgage.info website.

First off the UCC-1 cannot be used by living men and women to become a secured party creditor. U.C.C. means UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and TERRITORIES ONLY and is for commercial artificial “STRAWMAN” U.S. CITIZEN Debt slave entities who are government employees or are residing in the WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CORPORATON owned TERRITORIES.

I do not know about all of you, but I am a living man, not an artificial secured party creditor or a debtor. Your “STRAWMAN” Entity was created and is owned by the Government with a NAME sounding and initialed like your God Given name by your Mother or Father at birth in all CORPORATE CAPITAL symbols called initials or DOG-LATIN to confuse you and force you to consent as debt slaves to their Corporate Statutes. First in line first in time as a Corporate DEBT SLAVE CITIZEN entity, folks.

How is it you can take control of something that was never yours to begin with? YOU CANNOT! Wake up you debt slave people, David Allen Young’s LPN Security Plan can give you the remedy you seek. All you need to do is email him at ASecrettoMoney@gmail.com. David Allen Young Really believes thru proof of his own mortgage debt payoff using the Promissory Notes Security and this is why he keeps speaking at your seminars Nationwide free of charge and has a website on the internet so you can read, study, and learn on your own about bank mortgage and other types of debt fraud at www.Cancel1Mortgage.info. Why not let David speak at your group’s upcoming seminar. You people really need to get a clue.

One last thing, although David Allen Young gives all his clients written instructions and free consultation to help you defeat the Banks after you become his client so you can defend it if need be in any BAR Government Corporate court, David is not a BAR Attorney.

Ask a good question about lawful money or the LPN Security that has been proven to pay off bank debts including mortgage debts, auto debts, commercial debts, and business debts, and David will answer your questions ASAP.

by Sarah W. on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
LPN Security paid off my Mortgage Early

I had been searching for months for a way to pay off my mortgage early and finally I stumbled upon a youtube video by David Allen Young from cancel1mortgage.info that intrigued me about a way to pay off ones mortgage with a promissory note security. Because I have been ripped off about mortgage payoff before. I had used a woman from Colorado that advertises on youtube, and she took my money and sent me a worthless piece of bond paper promissory note to pay off my mortgage without any instructions. She promises to help you for free, but her free costs dearly. She is a Scam artist, but seems so honest in her Crazy Lady youtube videos. She did mention in one of her videos that she obtained her promissory note information from David Young without his permission.

This is actually how I found David and his website. I just had to find out if this was another kind of promissory note scam like Druanna’s and others I have tried. You know a promissory note like when you purchase a home, the closing Notary or Attorney has you sign the note with the Mortgage lien contract without giving you time to read these documents with only you and the closing agent and sometimes a Realtor being present at your closing, and making you pay up to three times the amount you are supposedly borrowing from the bank or pretender lender for your home. Well, I was very surprised when I finally called the number and Mr. Young answered. I was shocked and could not say a word with a live man on the other end. David said hello a few times and hung up. After I gained my composure from the mental shock of actually talking to a live human, I called David back and asked him a few questions to ease my opinionated scam and fraud suspicions and I am glad I did.

I found out that David Allen Young was a legally licensed Securities Processor and I was somewhat relieved. David answered all my questions to my satisfaction and quoted a few laws that would be on the LPN Promissory Note Security. Well, I took the plunge, even though I though initially that the cost was too high until David explained that it paid off the whole, entire debt. I ordered the LPN Security E-booklet with all the previous information in it including the laws and the copy of David’s processing license and bank accepted LPN securities, and the PBNBA.com e-booklets that were necessary for processing, since they were both included in the low cost of processing. I completed the paperwork from both e-booklets and emailed the forms to ASecretToMoney@gmail.com and deposited the processing payment into David’s account. Within the hour, I received, by email, the simple 8 step written instructions on what to do after I received my LPN Security package. I found the written instructions to be straight forward and they even had Judges’ questions and court case law on promissory notes in case I would have to litigate to force the bank to follow their own banking laws in hopes I would never have to use them. About 5 days later I received my LPN Security package. It was the “best service I have seen”, because I thought it would take the 14 days processing as on his website before being mailed to me.

I have found David Allen Young to be an honest and honorable man true to his word with a very valuable service. My LPN Security package finally arrived and when I opened it, the LPN Security looked similar to Druanna’s and the Colorado Crazy Lady woman’s promissory note, but was processed on bank security paper very professionally, but still made me hesitant. I called David and he said that he had been legally processing his LPN Securities and IPN Securities since 1 March 2012, on the Internet, and there were many dishonest rip-off and scam artist people trying to make a fast dollar and that tries to duplicates David’s CAP Security Instrument, LPN, Securities on bond paper instead of the Bank Security Paper that only David uses. David said that even Michael Tellinger’s promissory note that Michael came out with in 2013 was a rip off of David’s 2012 IPN. Also David said that he is constantly researching and updating his LPN Securities to make it Acceptable by all banks.

I followed David’s simple instructions and it took me only a day to get bank acceptance in writing with signature to prove my mortgage debt was paid off and discharged in case I had to sue the bank. I did have a little trouble at the post office, but finally got the postal stamp canceled by the Supervisor after quoting the Postal Manual hand back laws that were included in David’s instructions. You need to really read the instructions to do this process correctly without much problems and without bothering David whom is a very busy man.

The next step was the Medallion Stamp. I had to go to three banks to get it. I simply informed the third banker that she was bonded to provide me with the stamp on my SECURITY the same as a bond or stock, not a promissory note upon request as I was their bank account holder. After that all went smoothly and I received the blue inked “Received and Acceptance Signature” from the servicing bank.

Well David had informed me that there was a 1/3 chance of litigation, but fortunately I did not have to litigate, because 33 days later I received my Reconveyance of Mortgage. I took the precaution of filing a claim with the State court on the day after the bank was supposed to come to my home to pick up the payoff which they never came as per David’s written instructions stated. I even called the bank and asked why they did not come out the day before to collect the payoff and they said that it was bank policy that all payments were to be mailed into their payoff department. I remembered David telling me this also and that the banking laws on the LPN Security were supreme to their corporate policies, rules, and regulations. After receiving my Mortgage release, I voluntarily dropped my lawsuit as per David’s written instructions. Now my home is paid for with a zero balance and NO MORE PAYMENTS! There is no comparison of another person’s free promissory note scam and David’s legally licensed processing service as David is the best legal promissory note security processor, hands down. I very strongly recommend and urge you and every one to use David Allen Young’s LPN Security processing service if you have a mortgage debt. I would never use anyone else.

Sarah from San Francisco, California, 12 December 2017

by Michael from Abilene on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument
What you say, sadly, is true


Michael here. Abilene, Texas.

Most of what you say, sadly, is true.

Even the bible refers to the government of the last days as the Evil Beastly System.

To do what must be done will take enormous human resources of men and women of great character.

There is one character education program proven to help even the most corrupt or morally bankrupt folks change, at least it most certainly has consistently helped those who are willing.

The program’s name: The Peaceful Character Education Program, based and published out of Abilene, Texas. For those willing to look at change, or, even if the people needing the Peaceful Solution program were ordered to attend the presentation, look! The folks from the program have often, closer to always really, presented it, free.

Here is wisdom. As Debt Termination Expert, David Allen Young made his free presentations On how to pay off any debts within 14 days with the LPN Security that all banks have accepted, when ever called to do so in any seminar that you give to earn $2,000.00 for each person in debt that wants to take advantage of this very valuable service, I believe there were many judges, bankers, and others at the seminar of over 100 people who were swayed in doing what is fair, true, and right who took advantage of David Allen Young’s valuable Lawful debt payoff/discharge service.

I would submit that the Peaceful Program would have swayed many more and these would issue the tools missing to permanently embrace and champion a consistent moral outcome of obtaining David Allen Young’s service at http://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info.

As for those who would decide against economic and lawful fairness maybe its time they should be relieved of their position that they might go take a MacDonald Job or go help great folks down at their local at Walmart instead of holding public office of trust as do Attorneys and Judges.

by John on Cancel Your Mortgage with The CAP Security Instrument

Hello Everyone.

It seems the subject of: " why should I pay for this service", keeps coming up as a reoccurring theme.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme for some people in different videos that Dave puts out.

People ask why do I have to pay for something, for someone to teach me. Well for example the Bible is free there for you. However people pay knowledgeable persons to explain the Bible to them at church.

Furthermore even though the Bible itself is a free document, you have to pay for someone to produce that Bible. Even if you read the Bible free online, you would have to pay for a computer, even if it's a library computer you pay taxes for that library computer.

If you wanted to print it out it's what a nickel to $0.20 a page. There just seems to be these nasty, pesky, expenses no matter what you do. It's called life. Just in case you were wondering.

But there's a more important way of looking at all of this. Namely Insight from a knowledgeable individual ( such as Dave Young or) in any subject is valuable.

You should understand that the person teaching you, has operating expenses. The information he provides you is in regards to you discharging your debt. That you created.

Since you have no debt with the teacher, the teacher must require you to pay him up front. Also it appears to be a legal reason why one must pay, for information up front.

It seems that legally if you pay for information in the private, then the teacher is legally protected. Since it is not public knowledge. It seems from my studies that, if someone gives something out for free, they can be subject to various legal hassles. But once you pay this very reasonable fee that he's asking, then you are protecting him. Because it is not public information, you paid for it.

Now I get it, I understand, this is upsetting to you. So I'm going to go over it with you a little bit more. If you pay for this service with your credit card, you can discharge your credit card payment with a promissory note. So then you're not really paying for it out of your pocket are you?

Now if you're like me, and I am always looking for a good deal. Then I recommend to you the following, get someone else to pay for it. For example I do extensive research, and I have other people pay for the research information. I have friends who pay for these things for me to read, and then I exchanged with them by helping them through the paperwork process. I am currently mentoring 6 people with promissory notes, Accept for Value process, and Court litigation.

I do not understand why people try to go It Alone. You all have friends, that need this help too. The Bible discusses joining hands, with your friends to survive. Why is it in the United States, no one applies this. Everybody wants to be a lone wolf. Well I'm sorry, but long wolves Starve, and are always hungry.

Be blessed and have a prosperous life.

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Our CAP Security Instrument, LPN Security Money educational and informational e-booklet below and our processing secrets are electronically patented AND copyrighted to ensure no one copies or commits Grand Theft of our intellectual, private, and created property without our written permission. We never give our permission in any form – orally or written! If anyone does copy any part of our IPN or LPN material, they will face civil charges and a huge fee for each Grand Theft Unauthorized use.

      When you order the LPN e-booklet,


    so you can Instantly download the E-booklet PDF, Agreement, and the Word Document ITEMS NEEDED for us to process. After payment, PAYPAL automatically redirects you to the download page.. Then you just RIGHT CLICK on each to download to your COMPUTER as it will NOT download to a PHONE!!

NOTE: When you purchase the debt payoff e-booklet below, there are NO REFUNDS, because you have 24 hours a day access due to the fact that the download link, direct download is in your receipt. The description of the information and contents are below the order box.

Please read the description before ordering.. AND Remember, you must also purchase the $29.95 Private Banker E-booklet at www.PBNBA.com in order for us to Process both the Private Bankers membership and the LPN Security..

19.95 Ebook


Download the $19.95 eBook for the LPN.



Download the $19.95 eBook for the LPN.

“This SPECIAL, CAP Security Instrument Security E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only.. It will explain the laws that make the SPECIAL, CAP Security Instrument, LPN SECURITY, a security instrument and a Legal Tender Payment for all types of financial debts and mortgage and note full payment, even if in foreclosure; copies of the bank approved LPN; verifiable payoff proof; about the items needed to pay off your MORTGAGE LIEN, MORTGAGE PROMISSORY NOTE, and Debts; THE PROCESSING FEES; How to make money by helping others in your own independent contractor business on the BUSINESS IN A BOX Page; and the cost of the SPECIAL, CAP Security Instrument Mortgage and Debt Payoff Processing for your situation! Whether or not you decide to use the SPECIAL, LPN Security to get you DEBT FREE is your choice .”

All home owners in a bank mortgage can reach David At:
E-Mail ASecretToMoney@gmail.com

17 Replies to “Testimonials For Mortgage Debt Payoff”

    1. YOU NEED TO READ BOTH THE WEBSITES! It really explains everything you need to know about paying off ANY DEBT To a Bank…

      http://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info and also read all of http://www.pbnba.com and all the answers you asked will be answered… you just need to READ the posts and pages of these 2 websites…in order to understand what we do and what we stand for! We are here to help you but if you don’t read what we have posted on our websites… then you will NEVER fully understand what we can do for you to pay off your debts to the banks…

      Also see our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6T5GMl241N-BW4huXIvSIw

      If you have questions…AFTER READING THE POSTS AND PAGES OR Watching some of the VIDEOS then please ask!

      But until then Please review the information which has been made public by me for your Education.

  1. Do you guys provide ANY proof of claims?
    I see a lot of testimonials but that is ALL hearsay, anyone can write that stuff.
    Can you provide documentation from ANY of the banks confirm they accepted ANY of your promissory note’s?
    This is usually the part where i get blocked or attacked for asking for proof of claims.

  2. David. My Home mortgage is supposedly owned by Fannie Mae and services by seterus. I’ve already purchased the e-booklet and read the material. ?? Have you ever? And does your LPN processing work with Fannie Mae?? Im ready to move forward with the process..

  3. David the servicer that Services my mortgage is out of state it’s ditech will that be a problem with me living here in Oklahoma?

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