STOP Mortgage Foreclosure In 14 Days

Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument, Bank Money pays off Residential Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages, and Business Debts and loans to STOP FORECLOSURE in its tracks by paying off the entire MORTGAGE LIEN and NOTE debt in as little as 14 days!

OWN Your Property Free & Clear using our STATE Licensed Legal Negotiable Security Instrument processing!

We are a STATE LEGALLY Licensed Financial Security Instrument Documents Processing Company and we are NOT an Attorney, Accountant, nor Government Agent. We are also a proud member and business associate of the Private Bankers National Association, PBNA, at, a legal unincorporated, but registered common-law bank, that is considered by legal Federal definitions, a “National Banking Association” under U.C.C. Congressional Legislative Positive Banking Law, Title 62; Negotiable Instruments Act; among other various Laws that are authorized to process your LPN Security form of Bank Money security instruments such as the LPN that is to be treated as legal tender and U.S. currency under law. We are only, Private Bankers Bank, N.A.’s,, processing company with a lifetime membership.
The Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument, Bank Money process is not a DO-IT-YOURSELF Process.

Imagine getting your debts paid off/discharged, including Student loans, Back Child Support debt, and both Residential and Commercial Business Mortgages to get your home or business free and clear with a zero ($0.00) balance on your credit reports with the Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument, Money that you can use to pay back the debt once it is processed when the banks do not follow the Terms and Conditions of the LPN Security! AND they never do.

1000’s of homeowners have saved their homes from foreclosure using this educational, informational, and legal Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument, processing program. YOU very well may be able to KEEP Your Home, STOP Foreclosure, Legally STOP Making Mortgage Payments, and LEGALLY OWN AND KEEP Your Home, FREE and CLEAR.

American homeowners are losing their homes in record numbers to foreclosure. The good news is that we will show you exactly how YOU can easily SAVE YOUR HOME, prevent foreclosure, and eliminate your mortgage, even if you owe more than what your home is worth and even if you are already in the foreclosure process.
You have been Lied to and Ripped off by Your Bank or Lender and they are relying on you to be Afraid, Lazy, and Uninformed!

This process has been upheld in hundreds of courts across the Nation through litigation by following my written client instructions properly.
Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument, bank money Pays Off Debts Form
They completely expect you to do NOTHING, so they can take your home in foreclosure, make you pay 3 times the amount of your original mortgage loan, and collect interest on all of it.

How Would You Like To:
Keep Your Home, STOP or Prevent Foreclosure, do away with your mortgage, and Continue Living in Your Home for FREE!
Lawfully Remove your Lender’s Mortgage Lien from Your home and Property, and Keep Your Home and Property FREE and CLEAR!
Keep Your Home By Satisfying Your Home Mortgage Loan Without Paying Your Lender a Dime more.
Own Your Home and Property FREE and CLEAR!

Legally STOP Making Your Home Mortgage Payments Forever after you pay off your mortgage debt using the Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument, Negotiable Security Instrument that is money under Title 31 U.S.C. banking laws, and Own YOUR Property FREE and CLEAR from your lender’s mortgage lien!
Forget Home Mortgage Loan Modifications and Short Sales that ruin your credit!
If you are currently facing foreclosure, DO NOT sit still and watch it happen!
Let us help you fight back whether you are in foreclosure or current with your mortgage payments!

Our primary goals are to:
Educate you about our entire process;
Encourage you to do your own research into our current financial crisis;
Help you make educated, rational decisions about the next steps to take;
and Guide you through the process, should you decide to move forward with us..

Our Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument, Money informational and educational e-booklet below and our processing secrets are electronically patented AND copyrighted to ensure no one copies or commits Grand Theft of our intellectual, private, and created property without our written permission. We never give our permission in any form – orally or written! If anyone does copy any part of our IPN, NSI, LPN, or CAP Security Instruments material, they will face civil charges and a huge fee for each Grand Theft Unauthorized use.

All homeowners in a bank mortgage can reach David At:
E-Mail [email protected]

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