Promissory Note Money is Credit, Part 2

Promissory Note Money is Credit, because Bank promissory note money is created as Bank Commercial Paper debt, the interest can never can be repaid..

If everyone paid off all your debt and no one owed the banks any money, the bank would still owe the national debt to the Government Corporations..

In this case, the bank would just pay $1.00 pure gold and cancel the National Debt, But that will never happen, will it?? You create the money and first loan when you take out a loan as the Creditor with your signature..

There was never any bank money loaned from the bank since you created the money and gave the first loan to the bank by your signature for the bank to charge interest on..
The Bank just changed your good money for their worthless commercial Fiat Script paper with pretty pictures on them and tricked you into believing that their bank money is real money..

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Author: David of the Family God

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