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Testimonials For Mortgage And Bank Debt Payoff

CAP New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Financial Sewcurity, Little Promissory Note Security Form of Bank Money Pays Off Debts Form

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 29 reviews
 by Brandon J. U.
David’s CAP Security Process Is Amazing!

David’s CAP Client instructions are great! Very clear, straight to the point and valuable information! Whenever I did have a question, David was always there to answer and very promptly!! Beyond thankful!

 by Jacob
Do what I did and...

Do what I did and contact david by Skype using dayglobal at cancel1mortgageinfo for a surefire way to successfully pay off your debt as I did. I could not believe that such laws existed and that I could get full recoupment. Recoupment means getting all your money back due to bank fraud. With David's help and guidence I won my court case by just asking questions that David Provides in his written client instructions with all samples and directions need to win against the bank.

OH! By the way, David guarantees your win or your money back, but you have to provide the court hearing transcripts as proof of following his client's instructions. I am so glad I got my mortgage paid and no more payments with David's legally processed Security. Thank you David and your staff. I advise every to DO WHAT I DID!

 by Ann
A review from the UK

I found David and his website at the 11th hour.

I became aware of the matrix we are living in and the banking system fraudsters about 5 years ago and know that promissory notes and bills of exchange are legal forms of currency. I was also aware I had a STRAWMAN. I had researched paying down my mortgage and wondered if I could pay it down with a promissory note, but despite various searches had got nowhere.

My mortgage term was ending and I had to find some capital to pay it down. Plan A was a combination of savings and a remortgage for the remainder. Plan B was a promissory note. For some reason I couldn’t let go of the promissory note idea and about 6 weeks ago I did a final search to see if I could find any new information that might help me. That’s when I found David’s site and I purchased his PBNBA and CAP Security Instrument booklets that night.

The following day I got in touch with him and just decided to go ahead. If it all went horribly wrong I still had Plan A. I decided that I would always regret not trying, and that any chance for a small win against the system was worth pursuing.

There were many challenges for me as I’m in the UK and not familiar with UCC1 and UCC3 filings. The State of Texas and California wouldn’t accept my filing and in the end I registered everything with The State of Massachusetts. All David’s examples are also for the US so it was a challenge to file from the UK. The UCC1 was easy enough but I did struggle with my UCC3 and would have appreciated more input as his example wasn’t obvious to me. Once done and submitted I then ordered certified copies too.

The next step was receiving the CAP Security from David, and the next set of challenges to overcome.

It took me 7 trips to 7 post offices to get a date stamp on the stamp on my CAP Security. At this point I thought I might have to abandon my mission and go back to Plan A. I did finally succeed. I just went into a post office and said, ‘Do you have a Date Stamp?’ The answer was yes, and the rest is history. I think I was making it too complicated.

We don’t have a Green Medallion Stamp here in the UK, so instead you can arrange to have it signed by a Police Constable or Magistrate. Fortunately, I have a friend that is a police officer and he gladly signed it for me.

I then followed the instructions and had everything notarised.

Finally, my visit to my Bank last Friday. I took the day off work and got a list of about 5 banks that I could visit. I decided to go to my local branch first but told myself not to be too disappointed if I had another post office experience. I can honestly say that in the end it was the easiest step of the process. I took my friend and witness and the bank was practically empty in these Covid times. When it was my turn I just said that I was here to pay down my mortgage and I had some paperwork that I’d like the bank to receive. The bank manager was called over and he took me to a quiet area of the bank and I told him what I needed him to do. We kept up the small talk and he signed everything without a single question. Half way through I noticed that he had picked up his own pen and was signing in black ink. I said, I’m so sorry I need you to sign in blue ink, so he signed everything again for me in blue! When we were done he actually said ‘Well done for paying down your mortgage’! I also drafted a delivery/payment note receipt for the bank to sign too, acknowledging that they have received my CAP Security for payment of my mortgage account.

I haven’t had the money credited to my account as yet, but in my heart I feel it’s done. David has also assured me that the banks acceptance and signature for the CFO on all my paperwork means that my mortgage debt has been paid. I’ll update again in a couple of weeks once I have confirmation from my bank.

It’s been an experience with the odd roller coaster ride thrown in as I have definitely stepped outside the box to do this. Just hold fast to the fact that you’re doing nothing wrong, it’s all legal and you’re simply playing the banks at their own game. Be confident and take it one step at a time. I’m proud of what I’ve done and achieved.

David offers an excellent service and you pay him for his knowledge and years of experience to process the CAP Security and related paperwork. I certainly couldn’t have achieved this on my own and I consider his fee money well spent. David doesn’t do the work for you, or review your filings etc., but he does point you in the right direction and answer your questions along the way. Without his services, this way out of debt would not be possible, and I’ll always be thankful that I found him and decided to trust the process.

 by Jan Wilford
Buy Your Home With The Down Payment Method Worked!

I used David's How To Buy A Home With Only The Down Payment e-booklet pamphlet and followed his instructions.. The trick is to change the Contracts (NOTE and Mortgage) during your legal 3 days to read and review and change the contracts for a MEETING OF THE MINDS before your escrow closing. David's steps are very explicit and work like a charm. you will find out that the Banks don't read either! Now, in order to avoid paying property taxes, you must order the NEVER HAVE TO PAY PROPERTY TAXES AGAIN e-booklet pamphlet. It is like an Alodial Title in a WARRANTY DEED where you accept the WARRANTY DEED to make you the owner, not the renter or tenant as the Attorney Drawn up warranty deeds make you. When you follow David's instructions two to three weeks before your closing, you have a home with just the downpayment as mr. God instructs you. Yes that is his real last name, HahAHAHA, not kidding! Don't fall for the Bank or Lender home buying fraud! Go to Cancel1Mortgage.info and order yours today.

 by James Williams
Wells Fargo said the CAP Security is money at my Medallion Stamp Interview

On 7/1/20 I went to Wells Fargo located in People's Plaza in Newark, Delaware, and presented Wellsfargo Agent Manager my CAP Security Instrument to pay off my mortgage. She read the security documents and agreed and did stamp my security instrument with the green Medallion Stamp and signed it in blue ink. I hesitated until she answered the ringing phone and looked at her computer. She took my CAP Security out of my hands and said that she could not Medallion Stamp it because it was legal tender and against their policy. Then she wrote Void Void Void over my security instrument Medallion Stamp that she had signed. David Young de God had in his client instructions that I was supposed to take the CAP Security Instrument right after the Medallion Stamp was signed, but I hesitated too long. She had void my CAP Security Instrument and defaced and destroyed my legal tender payment for my mortgage. So I have to pay David for another State Licensed CAP Security to be re-processed to take to Chase for the Green Medallion Stamp in order to pay off my mortgage. This was a costly HESITATION on my part and not following David's written Client instructions. This is for all you people that intend to use the CAP Security Instrument to pay off your debts in the near future. DO NOT HESITATE! As soon as the bank manager stamps and signs your CAP Security, take it politely and thank her or him and walk out and even if she calls you back, just act like you never heard her. This is the best advice I can give you to get your debts paid off or discharged so you can be debt free.

 by troy
Foreclose on Your Bank really Works

Mr David Young de God,

I am writing this testimonial of my own free will and heartfelt thanks for writing you How To Foreclose On Your Bank. It worked and the IRS put over $200,000.00 dollars into my bank account after I followed your instructions.

I feel that you are giving it away for peanuts when it is well worth thousands of dollars. I sent in the verification letter and the invoice and the UCC1 the way you wrote it and this year 2020 I received my landslide money as you said I would.

At first I did not believe it could be possible but after buying your e-booklet I now feel that I did not waste a dime. I really think you should charge $5,000.00 for it. Thank you very much and I urge everyone to go to your www.Cancel1Mortgage.info website for a wealth of successful information.

I just ordered the rest of your e-booklets and another two CAP Security Instruments to pay off my other debts since the first one worked so well. I pray that you and your family have a great year. Troy from New York

 by BG
12 years as a Major Bank Banker

B.G., California
I have been in banking for over 12 years. I purchased your e-booklet and didn’t believe it. Although I haven't purchased your CAP security instrument yet because I have a great paying job high up in a major bank and do not have any major debt. Anyone doubting your legally processed CAP security instrument from the verified copies I read in your Cap security e-booklet must be crazy not to take advantage of this miracle debt payoff solution.

Your Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, CAP, security instrument is a valid, well presented, professional, factual, and properly written registered negotiable security instrument and United States legal tender pursuant to Federal Banking Law which overrules State courts or State Court Case Law. With a little research anyone can pay off their bank loan and debt with a public posted note, CAP security instrument from David at cancel1mortgage.info, or a properly worded letter.

These people who doubt lack the competency to read and comprehend or have not done their due diligence of research. Yes, you can discharge a loan with a legally processed promissory note such as a CAP Security Instrument under the United States Uniform Commercial Code statutes and banking laws that all courts shall legally adhere to if properly processed!

People are just so asleep in the Corporate Matrix, being happy to receive government benefits and privileges that they actually pay for through direct and indirect income and State fees and taxes, but people don’t know it because they're afraid to understand that it's better to discharge your debt with the CAP security instrument than to use your sweat equity, labor, property, or working for FRN's which are promissory notes also to pay off or discharge debts. Keep on fighting the good fight David.

I find your CAP security instruments are 100% legal and binding when people follow your properly written instructions and I see you guarantee the debt being paid or discharged or you refund their CAP security instrument processing costs when and if they follow your written client instructions that you sent me to review which is very admirable of you and the people can’t lose when they follow your client instruction solution. I know this to be true as a Banker by working in a major bank for almost 13 years.

It is always a WIN, WIN, WIN situation for your clients when they follow your instructions. Your legal CAP Security Instrument is paying the bank debt from my validated research, personal knowledge, bank knowledge, and monetary system economics experience and you are freeing people of imaginary debt; otherwise, you would not still have a legal Public Service Enterprise with a State license under Bank and Banking Association rules.

Yes, I have checked out the Private Bankers Bank in common law and it is 100% legit by its registration State charter. As I have said here, “Keep on fighting the good fight David and someday more people will see that they can pay off debts with your CAP security instrument and win in any court by following your client instructions. Thank you again for graciously seeking my advice and allowing me to read, study, inspect, validate as a bonafide valid security instrument money. I approve it with scrutiny and a lot of disbelief as I was very skeptical of the legality of your process at first before I received your client instructions. I love the way you ask judges questions to back them into a proverbial legal corner. Everything in your instructions is right on the money if people will just follow them and take action, they can be debt-free.

 by James H, California
Mortgage negative cleared from credit reports

Most times, you don't even get to know how some negatives get on your report. Is it because I am behind on my mortgage? I have a family of 3 kids and my wife. My family decided to return back home from Houston due to the flood earlier in June. My family live in Houston with a mortgage that I need to pay each month. I live in San Francisco due to my job. I occupy a little space here as I stay alone. Prior to the flood, my family planned to join me over in San Francisco after she sold the house. So I needed a larger space, so i decided to apply for a loan to get the funds for a bigger space. I had 658 on my credit score which made me feel I'd qualify for the loan, only for me to get rejected and realize that I had 3 negatives including a mortgage late payment which I never knew how it happened.

This prevented me from getting the loan and it hurt all the plans I had made to get my family over here. I was completely hopeless till I met David Young de God on the internet at www.cancel1mortgage.info. Oh I'm eternally grateful to him for all his help. He's a genius debt payoff expert and he knows different methods for a better credit life to be debt-free. David gives facts and information on YouTube but if you want a quick change he can help raise your credit score by paying off your mortgage debt with a Security instrument. After meeting David, our whole story changed. He helped me pay off the mortgage in just 14 days so my wife and kids could join me which helped me buy another larger home with the improved credit score. David even showed me how to write the Mortgage company to get their negative entry off my credit report. You can SKYPE him with his dayglobal username or send an email asecrettomoney at gmail.com. You can thank me later! James H. California.

 by April G.
Thought Bank Rejected our CAP Security Instrument

After receiving the CAP Security Instrument on 21 September from cancel1mortgage.info, I informed David Young de God that the bank rejected it and refused to sign it. David asked me if I had followed his client instructions and I told him that I was and in the process of suing the bank as instructed. David asked me if I had left the originals as instructed with the last branch of the bank I had gone to get the CAP security instrument received and accepted. Of course. David then informed me about the bank accepting it under Black's Law Dictionary because they handled it and read it; therefore, they accepted it as a mortgage payment in full since I had given legal tender to the bank. I reiterated this in court and I won because I did follow David's written client instructions. David offers a 100% money-back guarantee on his processing to win in court. I'll be dang if he wasn't telling the truth.. I asked the judge the simple questions in David's client instructions and won my court case. It was easy as I just read off the questions as written. I backed the judge into a tight legal corner when I asked him those all-important questions. The judge had no choice but to give me my home free and clear. Thank you, David and I will tell everyone I know how David helped me with his CAP Security instrument processing system. Truly thanks again, David.

 by Virgil R
Skeptic without a lot of time

For a skeptic man busy without a lot of time, I want to take a minute to thank David of the family God for introducing me to the CAP security instrument at cancel1mortgage.info. I viewed several of his youtube videos before I contacted him. This CAP security instrument has actually paid off my mortgage and a credit card debt just as David said it would and I didn’t even have to go to court for either one of these debts. I just followed David’s instructions and wrote them a letter explaining that I did not legally sign their NOTE AND MORTGAGE LIEN or BoA credit card lien and do not have a SSN which both banks said I had. The CAP Security instrument is actually money that the U.S. Treasury paid on my behalf as an obligation of the United States under the law that David pointed out. Sorry I don’t have more time to explain the CAP, but I can say it is a credit agreement that pays off debts just as the name implies. Thank you, David of the Family God, from the bottom of my heart. Virgil R from California.

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All homeowners in a bank mortgage can reach David At: E-Mail [email protected] or SKYPE with dayglobal

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41 thoughts on “Testimonials For Mortgage And Bank Debt Payoff”

    1. YOU NEED TO READ BOTH THE WEBSITES! It really explains everything you need to know about paying off ANY DEBT To a Bank…

      http://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info and also read all of http://www.pbnba.com and all the answers you asked will be answered… you just need to READ the posts and pages of these 2 websites…in order to understand what we do and what we stand for! We are here to help you but if you don’t read what we have posted on our websites… then you will NEVER fully understand what we can do for you to pay off your debts to the banks…

      Also see our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6T5GMl241N-BW4huXIvSIw

      If you have questions…AFTER READING THE POSTS AND PAGES OR Watching some of the VIDEOS then please ask!

      But until then Please review the information which has been made public by me for your Education.

      1. Hi Mr. Young my name is josh avery. I ordered the cap and pbnba ebooks. I would like more info. Please. I am very angry for the way the banks have treated all the people. I will have everything for processing asap. Please call me anytime between 12pm till 4pm eastern time. God bless you and thanks.

  1. Do you guys provide ANY proof of claims?
    I see a lot of testimonials but that is ALL hearsay, anyone can write that stuff.
    Can you provide documentation from ANY of the banks confirm they accepted ANY of your promissory note’s?
    This is usually the part where i get blocked or attacked for asking for proof of claims.

  2. David. My Home mortgage is supposedly owned by Fannie Mae and services by seterus. I’ve already purchased the e-booklet and read the material. ?? Have you ever? And does your LPN processing work with Fannie Mae?? Im ready to move forward with the process..

  3. David the servicer that Services my mortgage is out of state it’s ditech will that be a problem with me living here in Oklahoma?

  4. Hey David hope all is well i’m up here in Toronto i want to be a member so bad but as soon as i save up at least $3000 orso i’m getting in touch and thanks for that book

  5. Santiago Rodrigus

    An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a friend who has been doing a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me lunch simply because I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this subject here on your web site.

  6. Today, considering the fast lifestyle that everyone is having, credit cards get this amazing demand throughout the market. Persons coming from every field are using a credit card and people who not using credit cards have applied for one.
    Since I see this works due to all these testimonials, I am thinking about paying off my $30,000.00 in credit card debt (VISA CARD) using your CAP security. Let me read more through your website to get a better idea about this. Thanks, David.

  7. Shawnee Stephans

    I need to to thank you for this very good read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it.
    I have got a small business loan of $345,000 I need to pay off ASAP so I don’t lose my business. I can see this does really work.
    I will be contacting you and ordering this CAP thing very soon so I don’t lose my business. Shawnee Stephans

  8. After looking into a handful of the blog articles on your website and watching your videos on youtube, I truly appreciate your technique of blogging.
    I saved it as a favorite to my bookmarks list and will be checking back in the near future. I am thinking about doing this CAP security thing for real but just looking to learn more about it.

  9. Howdy! My previous roommate told me about David after watching tons of his videos and learning a lot about the CAP security!
    He always kept talking about this. I took a chance on purchasing my CAP security after I couldn’t afford to pay the payments on my small business loan.
    I am now running my business and have no more payments of $2,500 a month thanks to David 🙂 .
    Oh, thank God for my roommate. And thanks again David, I will be telling everyone about this to help them as well.

  10. Hey there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to look it over.
    I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and superb design.

  11. Thanks, David for paying my small business loan. I never could have paid the $234,000 without your help. Thank you so much! You saved my business.

  12. It’s hard to find well-informed people about this subject, however,
    you know what you’re talking about!
    Thanks again for helping me pay off my restaurant! When this COVID thing is over. Hope you will come to visit us.
    Thanks, David, you’re a savior.

  13. What’s up i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace, when i read this paragraph i thought i could also create comment due
    to this sensible post.

  14. Heya i’m for the primary time here. I found this board
    and I to find It really useful & it helped me out a lot.
    I’m hoping to give something back and aid others such as you helped me.

  15. I used the CAP security to pay off $68,000 for my Student Loan in 14 days! This process WORKS!
    Thanks again David for helping me pay off my student loan. Without this process? I would have been out in the street by now.
    Thanks again and I will be telling more of my friends about this.

  16. What’s up friends, good post and just wanted to say I got my credit card paid off! $9000 paid in full. Thanks, David. Pay off your debts! Thanks, David you are a true GOD!

  17. Thanks for paying off my auto loan. The CAP security? IT WORKED and I now have my title for my car. Thank you David.

  18. Hi David! I am currently in a Wrongful Foreclosure Case with BofA. Been fighting them for nearly 9 years! At the last hearing in Dec., I actually Won as Plaintiffs MSJ was Denied! This was a huge victory as I was told only 5% of cases are won as a FC Defendant. Well, now we go to trail. Their attorneys requested to meet with me to discuss a settlement but then in another letter requested me to submit an app. for a Loan Mod. What?! Why would I apply for this when they are the ones that weren’t able to provide the necessary proof?! I got them backed into a corner as their attorneys also admitted that there was an Assignment done back in 2016 which wasn’t even recorded. They knew about this all along but only mentioned about it only in Dec.?! Anyway, after fighting them for nearly 9 years, it’s caused me a lot of stress and I don’t want to wait for a trial, was considering getting your program and get it over with sooner. My question is, am I able to do this since BofA has no offices in my state? Also, I have a HELOC (2nd Mortgage) with a local bank, will this work on them too? If I’m not mistaken, this local bank does not sell their loan, they fund their own. Again, Thank You very much for all you do, I feel like there is so much hope in the near future.

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