Mortgage Education

Mortgage Education. Keep Your Home gets your home Free and Clear of your mortgage lien in any … We accept the following forms of your Mortgage Education investment payment. Home Mortgage Elimination Service Process that should work on any home.

A jurisdiction in criminal actions

Introducing the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

In the 1950s the Territorial United States District of Columbia Corporation Government’s Uniform Commercial Code, U.C.C., was presented to their franchise sub-corporation States Governors as a means of unifying the generally accepted procedures for handling the new legal system of dealing with commercial transactions and legal fictions as though the commercial STRAWMAN people were real. …

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Mortgage rates

Defining “Property” and Profits

The definition of “property” is the interest or equity one has in a thing or ownership. The thing is the principal. The property is the interest in the thing. Profits (interest) made from the property of another belong to the creator owner of the thing when registered, The STATE. Profits were made by the deceivers …

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Guild mortgage payoff

Guild Mortgage Payoff

Here we go again with yet another Bank Investment Company offering mortgage payoff, but this time it is a “Guild Mortgage Payoff”. Remember, there is the Mortgage NOTE Security that still hangs over your head for a foreclosure even if you get your mortgage paid off or discharged through Bankruptcy. “Guild Mortgage Payoff” does not …

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Mortgage rates


INVESTMENT PROPERTY MORTGAGE RATES currently vary between 2.311%, 2.339%, 2.444%, 2.496%, 2.922%, 3.020%, 3.204%, 3.278%, up to 3.95% depending on your credit rating and what bank Lender you choose to finance your property with a Credit Mortgage. INVESTMENT PROPERTY MORTGAGE RATES are different compared to the RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MORTGAGE RATES. After you purchase your INVESTMENT …


Ethics and public corruption law penalties

Freedom Mortgage Payoff – The Complete Guide

Just what is a “Freedom Mortgage Payoff”? A prepayment penalty is a fee some lenders may charge when you pay down or pay off a mortgage sooner than the terms require. What is a Payoff Statement? The Payoff Statement or monthly payment statement is only a request. You see, the Mortgage Promissory NOTE is not …

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How To Pay Off Credit Cards Fast in Alabama

The first thing you must do to pay off credit cards is to stop using your credit cards in Alabama. Now I am going to inform you how to pay off your credit cards fast in Alabama. You need to pay more than the minimum balance each month. If you just pay the minimum balance …

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How Do Banks Calculate The Mortgage And Automobile Down Payment?

Your down payment cycle starts with the mortgage banker taking your Mortgage loan application OR RETAIL INSTALLMENT CONTRACT from you, the real estate property or Automobile buyer. Then the loan originator secures an investor (often a large institutional bank or individual bank or government Investor Trust) to whom the loan will be sold, whether directly …

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Why I Get Paid in FRNs for the CAP Security Processing

People ask me why they have to pay me in FRN Dollars for my e-booklets and Legal CAP Security Negotiable Instrument Processing.. AND why can’t they just pay me with their promissory note instead as I shouldn’t need any money, because I could just pay all my bills, debts and loans with my CAP Securities. …

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Do CAP Securities Comply With SEC Rules

Yes.. Our legally processed CAP Security Instruments do comply with the Securities Exchange Commission rules the same as Bank FRNs and Mortgage Promissory NOTES and Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Securities do comply as they all are registered securities under SEC rules.. Each Processed Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, CAP Security at is a Registered State …

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