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GET YOUR Lottery Drawing For A FREE CAP Security Instrument To Pay off Your Debts TODAY!

NOW is YOUR chance To Win a CAP Security Instrument to pay off your debts and loans!!

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Now everyone has a chance to have the Bank Accepted Credit Agreement Payoff Security Instrument that is valued at Thousands of Dollars to pay off any debt or loan under $300,000.00 and save thousands of dollars off your debt amount for only a twenty dollar bill.. Yes, that is all it takes, but the more lottery numbers you play increases your chance of WINNING.. Come back as many times as you want for a new lottery number(s) to increase your winning chances..

If you win, you can get your Mortgage Debt, Car Debt, Student Loan Debt, Credit Card Debt, Back Child Support Debt, or your Tax debt paid off for only $20.00!!

Lottery Drawing DETAILS ARE BELOW:

CAP Lottery Ticket Number Drawing for FREE Legally Processed CAP Security Instrument
CAP Lottery Ticket Number Drawing

We will have a Lottery drawing every two (2) Months starting 15 December 2018 for those of you that do not have a few thousand dollars to pay for the CAP Security Instrument Legal Processing to pay off your debt.. Remember, when you pay off a debt utilizing a CAP Security Instrument, you save Thousands of Dollars in principal alone and this is not counting the extra thousands of dollars of Interest that the bank charges.. Think about how much money you are saving in Principal and INTEREST that you don’t need to pay on your debt..

The cost for each Lottery Number(s) assigned to each client is $20.00 each for a chance to receive a FREE CAP Security instrument for those of you who cannot afford Thousands to get your debt paid off.. You will need to buy Lottery tickets for each FREE CAP Security Lotto drawing..

When you submit your purchase below for each lottery number, you are giving us your free permission and to hold us harmless and that you will cooperate with us and to use the winner’s Name, and Email in any future advertisement for the CAP Security Lottery due to not cooperating.

Winner must give a positive testimonial to us upon winning within 48 hours of notice to the winner.. If no testimonial, there will be a second emergency drawing for a winner that will give us a testimonial and the first winner will not receive the CAP Security..

Upon your purchase, we will email your Lottery number(s) to you..(you can purchase as many numbers as you want)

If you wish to remain anonymous then DO NOT PURCHASE a Lottery Number and DO NOT WIN anything!!

DAY GLOBAL Instruments Company for the CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note Money Lottery Ticket Drawing
DAY GLOBAL Instruments Company

The winner will receive:

1) A STATE Licensed, legally processed CAP Security Debt Payoff Instrument to pay off your debt or loan, including the Private Banker Registered Certificate and Authorization lifetime membership..

2) A full client instructions emailed to the WINNER for bank approval and acceptance of your CAP Security Instrument and to win your court case every time..

Join the lottery today and get your chance to save thousands of dollars on your legally pre-processed CAP Security Debt Payoff Instrument.

Use the form below to enter your spot in the lottery and get your lucky lottery number today.
Lucky winners will be chosen every 2 months starting 15 December 2018 and will be posted on this webpage by the 20th of December 2018 dated for Bank approval in 2019.


Quantity Description Price
CAP Security Lottery Ticket Drawing $20.00