PAY OFF Your DEBTS & MORTGAGE With Processing In 14 Days Using The Little Promissory Note Money!

Little Promissory Note Pays Off Debts Form

“The Little Promissory Note That Could pay off Your Debts,
including Mortgage that should Stop Foreclosure To Get Your Home FREE AND CLEAR & Pay Off ALL Your Debts
over $10,000.00 with 14 Days processing time using the Little Promissory Note, LPN Money”!

Debt Payoff in ALL STATES!

FREE Debt Payoff Seminars given.
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Imagine getting your debts paid off including Student loans, Back Child Support debt and get your home free and clear with the Little Promissory Note, LPN Money that you don’t have to pay back once it is processed!

This SPECIAL Domestic Promissory Note has done just that.

Our LPN is money just like any other promissory note, including the Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollar!

When the bank accepts this SPECIAL Promissory Note with promised consecutive monthly payments and do not come to your home to collect,
that means one of three things:

1. There was no mortgage loan of money in the first place. FRAUD!

2. They are not interested in collecting any further payments
on your note and mortgage any longer, because they have been paid.

3. They used your NOTE as a financial negotiable instrument,
monetized or securitized your promissory note through
your funding of your little promissory note with your
autograph or signature on it, and traded your little
promissory note to another bank or to investors and
received the full amount owed on your home; thus
terminating your obligation to make any more payments.

Usually number 3 choice above is what the bank does, because the bank is greedy and want their money upfront, especially if you are in foreclosure.

The Little Promissory Note, LPN, Money $19.95 e-booklet below explains how you can use the LPN to pay off your debts today or be a debt slave to the banks forever. The Little Promissory Note instructions will give you information about the LPN Processing in only 14 days. The E-booklet also tells you HOW TO MAKE MONEY BY HELPING YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS pay off their debts using the Little Promissory Note, LPN Money.

When the bank does not send your little promissory note back to you within three (3) working days after receipt, if you mistakenly mailed it into the bank without getting your promissory note accepted, under law, they have accepted your terms and conditions of your written promissory note for the full payment of your presumed debt under UCC4-302; Hague Treaty, Geneva Treaty, and United Nations Treaty dealing with trusts and promissory notes, and other State and Federal promissory note security laws after 72 hours, but may not be enforceable, because the bank did not accept the new contract. You may have to take them to court to enforce the Little Promissory Note, LPN, Government Money if you mailed it in.

We give you instructions on HOW TO force the bank to ACCEPT your LPN as payment for your debt when you become our client.

Our successful clients have a 100% payoff success rate that personally took it into the bank and had the manager Receive and ACCEPT the Domestic Little Promissory Note, by following our written instructions. When the bank FAILS to pick up the Payoff on the 7th day of the following month, your obligation to pay under the LPN Terms & Conditions, is terminated and you are debt free. This is why the little promissory has been so successful in paying off alleged debts!!! Our Little Promissory Note, LPN Money has been accepted every time by the banks. The proof is in the LPN E-booklet.

As of the 12th of December, 2016, I will be on vacation in the Philipines to visit my Brother, Steve, and will not be able to process the LPN nor the Private Banker Registered Certificate and Authority until I return around the 15th of January 2017.

Such a trade, sell, non return, or assignment terminates your obligation to pay the bank and your alleged mortgage lien and note loan or any other debt using our pre-processed little promissory note by a legally Licensed Security Instrument Promissory Note Documents company has been paid in full under U.C.C. Contract Law, because under the TERMS and CONDITIONS written in the Little Promissory Note, LPN, says so. If you have a court case pending, all you need to do is enter it into your foreclosure case with a NOTICE TO ENFORCE the new contract and the Judge has no alternative except to rule in your favor, because the bank has accepted your new contract that void and nullified the original bank processed promissory note.

All this can be done, pre-processed, and mailed to you, in as little as 5 days so you receive your payoff package within 14 days after you submit payment, agreement, and items needed for us to process your little promissory note to pay off your mortgage and note and be free of that mortgage debt or to pay off any other financial debt over $10,000.00!

We are a Licensed Financial Security Instrument Documents Processing Company and we are NOT an Attorney, Accountant, nor Government Agent. We are also a proud member and business associate of the Private Bankers National Association, PBNA, at that is considered by legal definitions, a “National Banking Association” under U.C.C. Congressional Legislative Positive Banking Law, Title 62; Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881; among other various Laws that is authorized to issue security instruments such as the LPN that is to be treated as legal tender and U.S. currency. We are only their processing company with a lifetime membership.

Our Little Promissory Note, LPN Money informational e-booklet below and our processing secrets are electronically patented to ensure no one copies our intellectual, created property without our written permission. If anyone does, they will face civil charges and a huge fee for each unauthorized use.

    When you order the LPN e-booklet, IN YOUR PURCHASE RECEIPT IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK, USER NAME, and PASSWORD so you can Instantly download both the E-booklet PDF and the Word Document ITEMS NEEDED for us to process. So be sure you read your emailed receipt after you order.

NOTE: When you purchase the debt payoff e-booklet below, there are NO REFUNDS, because you have 24 hours a day access due to the fact that the download link, user name and password is in your receipt. The description of the information and contents are below the order box. Please read the description before ordering.

Quantity Description Price
Little promissory note $19.95

“This SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will explain the laws that makes the SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note a security instrument and a Legal Tender Payment for all types of financial debts and mortgage and note full payment, even if in foreclosure; copies of the bank approved LPN; payoff proof; about the items needed to pay off your mortgage and note; How to make money by helping others in your own independent contractor business; and the cost of the SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note mortgage Payoff for your situation! Whether or not you decide to use the SPECIAL, Little Promissory Note to get you DEBT FREE is your choice .”

Do you know what a Little Promissory Note is?

This is also a promissory note backed by nothing but the good faith and credit of the United States Inc. District of Columbia Corporation.

Our promissory note is money.
Our promissory note is a commercial contract.
Our Promissory Note is a Bilateral Contract under Black’s Law Dictionary and the U.C.C.
The UNITED STATES INC., promissory note is commercial paper in the form of the Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollar.
The Federal Reserve Promissory Note Dollar is a worthless piece of paper according to an I.R.S. Publication
All promissory notes are governed by the U.C.C. contract law.
A promissory note is a debt instrument.
A promissory note is credit.
Our promissory note is a Negotiable Security Instrument under the S.E.C. Security Exchange Commission; U.C.C.; Federal Reserve Act (1913); United Nations, and World International Common Law.
Our promissory notes can be redeemable for lawful money at the discount window of the Treasury Department via Title 12 U.S.C. §411 and the Federal Reserve Act (1913) §16.
Our promissory note is equal to money and is a Discharge of any alleged bank loan or financial debt, since there has been NO LAWFUL MONEY to PAY your debts since 1933.


Are you familiar with the non-Constitutional Federal Reserve Act passed, but not legally ratified, in December, 1913, to establish a private corporation central bank to print and counterfeit money against the 1787 Constitution, Articles I, Viii, and X, or the debt law passed in 1933 by President Roosevelt to put the United States into Bankruptcy and you as a debt slave to pay all debts of the United States Corporation posing and acting like the Government? Have you read that the United States of America COUNTRY is in Name ONLY since that time?

“it is an established fact the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat §1, Public Law 89-719, declared by president Roosevelt with the UNITED STATES being bankrupt and insolvent under Public Law and Public Policy 73-10, Chapter 48, 48 Stat §411, 73rd Congress in session, June 5, 1933, and a Joint Resolution to suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the organic separate state nations under the united States of America (1787), and the official capacities of all the United States Government Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government, INC. in the District of Columbia, exists today in name only.” and also under the Federal Reserve Act (1913) §16, and United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1933, Vol. 33, No U.S. Treasury since 1921: 41 Stat Ch. 214, Page 654, now called the International Monetary Fund, IMF, (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4, Page 113, 22 U.S.C. §285-§288) The IMF is a subsidiary of the World Bank.

Don’t believe it? Look up the 2nd Corporation Constitution, The Act of 1871, and read how the United States, the corporation, is located and has only jurisdiction in the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., became a Private Corporation and a STATE OF known as the United States, not the Government under the Organic Colonial Republic Constitution (1787) and NOT one of the several states of the union


The United States Of America consisting of the colonial 50 several


state Nations as you perceive it to be. After 1871, the private government corporation known as the UNITED STATES, Inc. became a Democratic form of Government ONLY in the 10 square Mile area known as Washington D.C. in the District of Columbia as we know it today under a CORPORATION with a British Dun & Bradstreet business company Number.

In 1861 the organic united States of America, the Republic Nation and Country, ceased to exist with the first of President Lincoln’s Executive Orders, the first of its kind unlawfully reconvening Congress when it was never closed and the UNITED STATES has been under Martial Military Law, Maritime, and Admiralty war Power ever since that year in 1861!!!!!.

What if I told you that there is a $19.95 e-booklet that will empower you with the knowledge and education of a little promissory note to pay off or discharge, and cancel your mortgage or any bank or financial debt with a pre-processing of only 14 days.

If you’re just even a little curious as to how a little promissory note (a bona fide security, a financial instrument, a negotiable security instrument, a cheque, a bank check, a note, an international promissory note, a bill, a draft, a dollar, a bond, and some other peculiar names too, like a sight draft, an account payable, an asset, a Mortgage Promissory Note, a loan Promissory Note Contract, a mortgage lien contract, and a FEDERAL RESERVE International Promissory Note Dollar.) may legally and definitely pay off, (Discharge) your alleged BOGUS loan, cancel your mortgage, stop foreclosure, and could get you your home free and clear and any debt erased. The Little Promissory Note, LPN, Government Money is legal money, legal tender, and United states currency too! It is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Process as David Allen Young is the only Licensed Financial Documents Processor in the Republic United States of America.

Promissory Note 001

If the bank has already foreclosed, you have a redemption period by law that gives you time to pay off your debt using our pre-processed LPN.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him pull the house out from under the water.”

If you do not take this advice, you may be foreclosed and your home stolen by the banks if you are a homeowner, you may never get debt free!

It is your choice of valuable mortgage and foreclosure information you have been looking for and only $19.95 for information to stop foreclosure or pay off your mortgage lien contract and mortgage note to avoid foreclosure.

Order your Little Promissory Note, LPN, Government Money informational E-Booklet processing today before it is too late.

PAY OFF Your MORTGAGE with a processing time of only 14 Days or less Using The Little Promissory Note, LPN Money! Helping home owners remove their foreclosure or pay off their debts with the Little Promissory Note, LPN Money. Cancel and Discharge Your Mortgage with The Little Promissory Note today.

David Young

NOTE: We stress that we are neither lawyers, attorneys nor accountants and do not give legal nor accounting advice. We help home owners that have mortgage or foreclosure problems. When you are in foreclosure and going to lose your home if you do not take action or stuck with an underwater negative value home, we pull no punches helping you with mortgage Relief. E-Mail Address: David Allen Young, Sui Juris Private, c/o United States Post Office, 111 Mohawk Trail, Rural Route 32536, Crestview, Florida Republic, Non-Domestic WITHOUT THE UNITED STATES

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