Pay Off Your MORTGAGE Or DEBT TODAY Using The Governments Money, IPN!

Paying Off the American Homeowners and DEBTOR’S Bank debts!

Helping the American Homeowner and DEBTORS fight back Against the Banks with a debt payoff.

How Do I Pay Off MY Promissory Note and Mortgage Or Pay Off My Debt Now?

We would like to introduce you to a revolutionary new program that has been hidden for over 79 years by the Government and Banks that may allow you to keep your home FREE AND CLEAR and pay off any of your debt loans, including Student Loans, IRS Taxes, Credit Card Debt, and your mortgage using Uncle Sam’s Money under law.

Our INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTE, IPN, Process has worked to pay off Mortgages, Auto Loans, Credit Card Debts, Student Loans, and an IRS Back TAX DEBT.

Don’t wait another day to pay off your mortgage or debt with this revolutionary new SECRET PAYOFF process that banks have accepted as payment.

We Will:

Show you that you CAN fight back against the banks by paying off your note and mortgage or any type of bank debt.

Show you how to pay off your mortgage loan or any bank loan or debt within 90 days with your full cooperation in giving us the items needed by using a Negotiable Security Instrument under U.C.C. §3-104, that has been hidden over 80 years by the banks and government, and has recently been accepted by banks and the IRS as debt payment under various laws.

The IPN is not a Redemption / Strawman / Acceptance for Value / Bills of exchange / Promissory Bonds / Indemnity Bonds / Offset Bonds / Sight Drafts / Comptrollers Warrants / or Bond Fraud and does not use the IRS forms 1099-OID, and 8300 outside of their intended purpose and you cannot purchase merchandise such as cars and homes with the IPN. You can ONLY pay off debts with the IPN! You would be sending the IPN to the Bank, the bank would send it to the U.S. Treasure reserve payment window, and the Treasury would exchange the IPN for the bookkeeping entry federal reserve promissory notes that you know as money, legal tender, or dollars and send the fiat money back to the bank for the debt payoff under Generally Accepted Accounting practices, GAAP, that all banks must operate under. The banks create money out of thin air to pay off your debts.

The IPN does not instruct you to ADDRESS your paperwork to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury as an IRS scheme to defraud any bank or financial institution.

The IPN is a newly discovered, lawful, and legitimate Negotiable Security Instrument under U.C.C. §3-104 just like any other security instrument such as a mortgage promissory note, credit application promissory note, and Federal Reserve Promissory Note known as money by monetizing your signature to create money, money orders, stamps, bank checks, and the International Promissory Note, IPN, is only used to pay off your financial debts and bank loans and is backed by the full faith and credit of the UNITED STATES Government, United Nations and ratified, or made legal, by the United States and Canadian Governments in 1997, that promised to pay your debts, principal and interest, incurred by the American People under P.L 73-10 and 31 U.S.C. §3123 and has been accepted by Banks for debt and loan payoff!!! The IPN also decreases or reduces the National debt by the amount of the IPN by paying off the loan, so you will be helping to pay the United States Bankruptcy debt also!

Notice that no IRS or Government website Mentions that the International Promissory Note nor the Promissory Note being illegal or fraud! Nor can you find any law or statute that says that the IPN is a scam, fraud, or illegal to pay off your debts.

The IRS does not want you to know this fact so they use propaganda to keep control over the collateral, which is you, so you can pay off the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Bankruptcy debt owed to the Federal Reserve Banks and the wealthy and controlling European families.

Our $5,000.00 $30,000.00 GUARANTEE!

If you can find any legislative State or Federal Law that says the International Promissory Note is unlawful, fraud, or a scam, I will personally give you $30,000 Cash Money!

I really want someone to find this Non-Existent Law, because if anyone does find a law that proves and says that the IPN is unlawful, so are the Mortgage Promissory notes, Loan application promissory notes, Federal Reserve Promissory Note Dollars, Auto loan promissory notes, Credit card promissory note applications, and any and all other credit applications illegal!!!

Do your own research before you think the IPN is unlawful and waste your time trying to find that law that does NOT Exist, but would prove The Bank FRAUD to the Bank’s Hip Pocket Judges and Courts!

Make this process AFFORDABLE to everyone who is ready and willing to fight the banks and win.

NOTE: “This 14 page E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will explain the laws that makes the IPN a Legal Tender Payment; about the process of how the IPN works to pay off your debts; the cost of the IPN Debt Payoff for your situation, a copy of an actual IPN Check, proof the process has worked, and the Items needed for you to start becoming debt FREE! The IPN E-booklet Does NOT give you How To DO It Yourself, because it is a secret process. If you decide to pursue the entire DEBT FREE procedure, additional costs must be added for the processing of legal documents and IPN Check in order for us to process your IPN check that you write, just like the bank checks you write to pay off your small debts,and finish the process and Legal Tender and U.S. Currency Final Payment to get you DEBT FREE. We are a processing company only and do not practice law. When you are interested in using this IRS approved negotiable Security Instrument to payoff your bank debts and loans, you must have a debt over $10,000.00 to qualify for our IPN debt payoff process before ordering. This E-Booklet does not give you the information on how to do the newly discovered IPN payoff process and it is not 100 to 150 pages of material, because you would never read it if it were over the 14 pages. So don’t order the e-booklet and try to get your money back, because It is not what I expected line of “bull she it” Like a person recently did to steal our How-To IPN process. This is a very closely guarded and electronically Patented Bank and Government SECRET trade secret process that has been hidden for the past 80 years by the government and banks and I personally have over 9 years of thousands of hours of research, over $150,000 in development invested, and solidified all the laws that apply in one e-booklet just to help you pay off your bank debts and loans in one very inexpensive payment using the Government Laws that approves the IPN to be a negotiable security instrument!!!

Quantity Description Price
IPN Debt Payoff Information Booklet $37.95

IPN Debt Payoff

NOTE: “This E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will explain the laws that makes the IPN a Legal Tender Payment; about the process of how the IPN works to pay off your debts without telling you steps on how to do it yourself; the cost of the IPN Debt Payoff for your situation, a copy of an actual IPN Check, proof that the IPN has paid off debts, the Items needed for you to start becoming debt FREE, and HOW YOU CAN EARN EXTRA MONEY by helping others! If you decide to pursue the entire DEBT FREE procedure, additional costs must be added for the documents, the banks must follow under law to get paid, your Estate Trust to become a private banker and write the IPN Check in order for us to finish the process and Legal Tender Final Payment to get you DEBT FREE.”

The International Promissory Note, IPN, is the SECRET way to use the government’s money to pay off your debt

There are only 10 items needed for the International Promissory Note t0 be processed.

The International Promissory Note, IPN, pays off any mortgage or bank debt and consists of 10 to 14 Notary documents, forms, and letters:

This process takes less than 90 days for us to process for you with your complete cooperation after you send us your items needed and payment and we will process the IPN note and documents paperwork for you the same way banks process your bank checks to pay small bills. You will only need to do the minimum amount of work, mostly mailings and notarization.

The IPN is legal tender of payment and U.S. Currency, under State and Federal Law, of all bank debts and works under the Federal, UCC, and State Constitutional laws.

This International Promissory Note, IPN, is well worth the price of your home or bank loan debt, including student loans, auto loans, credit card debt, etc. for a debt over $10,000 or more.

For a limited time, you can get more information in order to make up your own mind and choose the IPN to pay off each of your debts or bank loans.

Your investment to get the full proof and information is only a $37.95 one-time fee today by Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover card, or Visa or Master Card DEBIT Card, and you owe HOW MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on your debts or mortgage??

Order the information E-booklet today, right now, and get started today to pay off your home or debt using your lawful, legal right of set off and rescission of debt under law for this valuable, bargain E-booklet that states the laws and how the IPN has worked to payoff your debt and more.

Order your Mortgage Debt Bailout IPN E-booklet and learn how to pay off any home, commercial mortgage, student loan, or any other bank debt now! The IPN even stops foreclosure dead in its track when used, because it pays off the note and mortgage lien.

Many times using the IPN, which is a separate cost, you don’t have to go to court to save your home or pay off your debt!

The IPN has worked on all bank loan debts for our clients, because banks have already accepted this form of legal tender of payment under U.C.C. code of world law.

Jun 23, 2013: We have heard the Bank of America recording admitting that bank institutions can and do deposit this Government Species of Money as a check. This species of money is legal and the banks can and do deposit it as full payment of any type of debt. When the banks deposit it in the Reserve Window in the U.S. Treasury, the Bank creates the money for the loan debt payoff.

We are in the process of using it to pay off a mortgage debt and an IRS Tax debt. We know it will work, because it has been proven before in the past 6 months. We are looking forward to getting our debts paid in full by the Professionals at Check this debt loan payoff site out for yourself and get your debts paid using Uncle Sam’s Money. This is a God’s Send from Heaven! Bobby and Debbie Pruett in Florida.

Discover the SECRET Information to learn how to pay off your debt or loan using Government Money. Receive your Secret Information about Debt payoff now.

You may qualify for the huge discount offered to Military, Retirees, Disabled, and those over 62 years of age found only in this IPN debt payoff E-Booklet.

Proof that the IPN Pays off debts is below.

IPN BoA Satisfaction 001

Quantity Description Price
IPN Debt Payoff Information Booklet $37.95

“You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him pull the house out from under the water.”

If you do not take this advice, you may be foreclosed and your home stolen by the banks if you are a homeowner or commercial property owner or you may never get debt free…

Your choice of valuable information for only $37.95 to stop foreclosure or pay off your debt or mortgage lien.

There is a Huge Special Limited Time Discount for all active duty Military, Retired Military, Disabled man or woman, or 62 years of age or older receive

order your IPN informational E-Booklet and your IPN debt payoff check processing today before it is too late.

David Young

NOTE: We stress that we are neither lawyers, attorneys nor accountants and do not give legal nor accounting advice. We help home owners that have mortgage or foreclosure problems. When you are in foreclosure and going to lose your home if you do not take action or stuck with an underwater negative value home, we pull no punches helping you with mortgage Relief. E-Mail Phone: 850-826-1662 Address: 111 Mohawk Trail #7, Crestview, Florida 32536-5570

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